August 22nd FNM

Hey nerds,

I want to preface this blog by telling all you guys that if there is one thing that I can’t stand it’s poor sportsmanship. Especially those that win, and then either sass, or down-talk their opponents. That being said, let us begin!

So tonight was FNM at my LGS. There were two separate events going on, one standard, one modern. I’ve tried my hand at modern, but that’s a story for a different time. So I was playing a red/white warrior brew, my own concoction, and my final score for the night was 3-1. At some point during the night I got stuck on four land, and my opponent had a massive board state on me, I was in some trouble. I tap out to do some things, and then pass. So buddy asks, “You tapped out?” I say yes, and he responds with “Sucks to be you, should have drawn more land.” I can’t even remember what he played next but he killed me that turn, scooped his stuff up, and went to report in. I was just at a loss. I just sat there and boiled until my brother, whom was seated beside me, finished his game.

So let’s just use this as a learning experience. Not everyone that attends the best LGS in the area is as polite as the rest of them.

Until next time planeswalkers!

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