September 25th, 2015, FNM

Hey everyone, I hope everyone had a great prerelease! I will be posting a prerelease blog at a later date. Round 1 – Blue/Black Random – Win in two To be brutally honest I had zero clue what this gentleman was playing. First game all he played was a Profane Momento. I took a one... Continue Reading →


September 18th, 2015, FNM

Howdy all! So second week of school is done and wow am I really digging this course. Everyone in my class is super awesome and we all have a great time. Enough of the mush, time for the sauce. Tonight's' FNM consisted of twenty two players which meant that the event would run five rounds.... Continue Reading →

September 11th, 2015, FNM

Howdy all, I want to begin my apologizing for everyone for the lack of posts these past few weeks. School has started back up and I've just been trying to keep track of life. But now that everything has settled I will be getting back into the mix. FNM on September 11th The red/white warriors... Continue Reading →

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