September 18th, 2015, FNM

Howdy all!

So second week of school is done and wow am I really digging this course. Everyone in my class is super awesome and we all have a great time.

Enough of the mush, time for the sauce. Tonight’s’ FNM consisted of twenty two players which meant that the event would run five rounds. Which is awesome, because more rounds, means more magic, which means more awesomeness.

Round one I was staring down some nasty Deahtmist Raptors. I managed to hold out long enough to drop a Zendikar’s Roil and just run him out both games with 2/2 wheeny Elementals.

Round two was a nasty brew. Red/white storm featuring Monastery Mentor and Seeker of the Way. Game one ended verily abruptly on a turn five blow out completely leaving me in shambles. Game two went a total of thirty five minutes as both of our board states were huge and I was sitting a comfortable 50+ life. My opponent scooped once he realized how futile drawing and passing was so we continued to game three. Game three was a lot better on my part. Managed to hold out early, using a Crater’s Claws in the mid game to burn for sixteen.

Round three I played against a similar brew to mine, except for the fact that this individual was running plenty of dragons, but with more of a mid-range twist. Game one was taken by yours truly with a turn six Crater’s Claws for 20, my opponent then revealed that he had a Claws in his hand as well and he was about to kill me come his turn. The second game went well in my favour with two Karametra’s Acolytes getting there with peeling double Crater’s Claws off of the top of my library.

Round four, now when it comes to things this late in the game, things get a little more serious, at least for me anyways. The outward bursts of laughter turn into awkward chuckles of “Oh I should not have kept this hand.” But I digress. Sitting across from me was jund dragons. So twas a mixture of various dragons with removal spells. He took game one pretty convincingly but I hit the side board hard, swapping out a total of eleven cards. Game two went well as I just outraced him and he got quite land flooded. But oh game three. You ever get those moments where you completely fluke something, and you want to scream but then everyone will think you’re kinda weird? Totally happened. I was quite dead to rights. Staring down three Thunderbreak Regeants with a single Hornet Nest, and some random ground units. I’m sitting at twelve and he’s got straight up lethal on his turn. I tap my lands and cast Nissa’s Revelation. Now this card is fringe at best, you scry 5, then reveal the top card of your library, you gain life equal to power and draw cards equal to toughness. So I begin my scry, Crater’s Claws, Forest, Forest, Mountain, Winds of Qal Sisma. I was like ‘Really? Straight wiffed it?’ So I did the only manly thing to do, threw them to the bottom and revealed the top card of my library. Twas Woodland Bellower, 6/5. I gained six life, drew five cards, two of which were Hornet Nest and another being Atarka’s Command. So I proceeded to tap my Acolyte’s and play the Nests. When it came time for him to swing, I Commanded, gave my Nests reach and blocked the dragons…all the bees. 

Round five was down to the wire. I was 4/0, my opponent 3/1. Was green/white warriors. My opponent managed to drop a Obelisk of Urd on turn four, giving all his warriors +2/+2. But I was able to block and eventually squeaked out with a win. Game two I hit the sideboard hard. Grab all my artifact removal and brought back the Nests. Once again turn four Obelisk, but I was ready with the Naturalize. I proceeded to slowly break down the wall of wheeny warriors and came out with the victory.

So all in all, the red/green landfall deck went 5-0 tonight. I felt I played well and my opponents played well. Here’s the list if anyone is interested.

Now it’s getting late and I have to work in the morning, so I bid you all a fond farewell and I’ll see you guys again soon.

Adios Planeswalkers!

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