September 25th, 2015, FNM

Hey everyone, I hope everyone had a great prerelease! I will be posting a prerelease blog at a later date.

Round 1 – Blue/Black Random – Win in two

To be brutally honest I had zero clue what this gentleman was playing. First game all he played was a Profane Momento. I took a one land hand and pumped out Elvish Mystic and a Courser of Kruphix. I proceeded to run him over the first two games with elementals and that was all she wrote.

Round 2 – Green/Black Elves – Win in two

My opponent managed to crank out a turn three Collected Company, which yielded two more elves, one of which was the Shaman of the Pack. The trigger from the Shaman took me to nine. I drew into Woodland Bellower and threw it down to grab a Courser of Kruphix and crawled back for the win. Game two was more in my favour. Ramped pretty hard and had to double Seismic Rupture to clear a board of 3/3 and 4/4 elves which were pumped by Obelisk of Urd. However, four damage board wide wiped my side of the field as well. After the fire settled I was left with a lone Woodland Bellower and three bees created by my Hornet Nest. The beats were real the following turn.

Round 3 – Abzan Rally – Loss in two

So this right rustled my jimmies. Game one, my opponent had five land for about three turns. Twice he rallied his entire graveyard for three, bringing his yard in, wiping my board with triggers, and bringing me lower and lower. It then dawned on me that my opponent had two legendary Urborg’s on the battlefield. He apologized and removed it. But the damage had been done. The thing that gets me steamed is that he would not have been able to play those Rally’s. I proceeded to go on major tilt and lose the following game as well.

Round 4 – Mono Black Waste Not – Win in three

The first game was pretty one sided. He killed all of my mana dorks and just made me discard all of my stuff, brutal discard. Game two I managed to get out ahead and my opponent didn’t draw a single Waste Not. Game three I had sideboarded in Naturalize’s and Display of Dominance’s. So I blew up Waste Not every single time it hit the board, only one hit board but one can never be too careful. Given he had every single one of his lands on board.

All in all I had a 3-1 record. I got two packs for winning and one contained a foil Goblin Piledriver. As steamed as I was about my lose in round three, it was prerelease night so I moved on fairly quickly.

Until next time Planeswalkers!

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  1. Your round three loss must have stinged a bit more, seeing as it was against a player who is known to be a consistant cheater every single week. Perhaps someday somebody will finally do something about that player and his poisonous cheating ways. :/

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