October 9th 2015 FNM

Hey all! My apologies for the lack of blog last week, ran into a snag with posting. Regardless, here we go!

So last night was a BFZ draft, I had completed my R/G standard deck but there were quite a few people for draft and one can never have too many cards.

So I park my butt next to my kid brother and am given my draft packs. He and I swap a pack and promise to open those last. The rest of the pod arrives and everyone takes a seat. First packs are opened and I begin sifting through the cards in front of me, “Meh, meh, meh…oh that’s Ulamog..WINDMILL SLAM!” I was surprised I was able to keep my composure. Second pack I opened…Desolation Twin…another windmill slam…So at this point I’ve basically drafted mono-blue eldrazi. In the last round of passing I came across two Herald of Kozilek which I promptly grabbed and threw into the deck. So I ended up with a blue heavy splash red eldrazi deck. Here is the list:


This deck treated me very well all night. The event went a total of three rounds, and I won all three rounds. I won all of those rounds in two. I was on a straight tear last night.

So now I’m going to go into League of Legends chatter. I’ve been following Worlds and will be discussing spoilers so you’ve officially been warned!

So I think it’s safe to say CLG real talk bombed out of group A. CLG started off well 2-1 before going into their full day of games. But on Thursday they really really dropped the ball. Going 0-3 for the day even dropping a game to PaiN is pretty brutal.

Group C went just as everyone thought it was going to go. SKTelecom T1 went 6-0 the entire group stage followed shortly by EDG. H2K hardly had a chance to fight back. They showed true promise in their very first game against SKT where Ryu solo killed Faker once or twice, but their poor judgement and team fights cost them that game and went 2-4 by the end of the group stage.

Group D just ended and all I can say is wow. TSM dropped all but one of their games ending at the bottom of their respective group. They just, never showed up to the hype. But let us not dwell on the past and look to the second place team coming out of group D. Origen, the third seed from Europe coming up pretty huge against LDG and TSM, and the only team in the group to take a game off of the first place team in their group KT Rolster. Good for Origen and best of luck!

Now I can only speculate on Group B as their final games are tomorrow. But the underdog story is real. Cloud 9, the third seed for North America is looking pretty dominating in their respective group. They are 3-0 with pretty decisive victories against AHQ E-Sports Club and Invictus Gaming. Their win against Fanatic was super close and was only one in an amazing team fight by C9 in which Balls on Darius scored a pentakill off of a dunk spree. Everyone was speculating that group B would be a three way race for first, but since C9 is 3-0 and the rest of the groups are 1-2 it appears to be a race for second. Fanatic really needs to pull up their socks and take a couple of games tomorrow. They had a pretty one sided win against Invictus and quite a devastating loss against AHQ. Fanatic really needs to channel the feelings of their region and pull it together if they want to accompany their EU and NA brethren in the bracket stages.

All in all, best of luck to C9, Fanatic and Origen. Regardless of whom wins you three teams are legendary.

Special recognition to Marcus ‘Dyrus’ Hill, the top laner for TSM who announced his retirement shortly before his games today. He has been the poster boy for getting camp and his sarcasm mixed with his mass amounts of dry humour always brought a happy tear to my eye. So in saying that here is a link to a Dyrustage.

Welp, that’s all she wrote ladies and gents! Hope y’all have a good thanksgiving and eat all the turkey!

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