December 18 2015 FNM

Greetings fellow nerds! I SAW STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS TODAY AND IT WAS AWESOME. It was a magnificent piece of film making and JJ Abrams made me proud. The acting was quite flawless and the casting was very on point. The return of old faces and the introduction of new was well balanced and... Continue Reading →


December 11th 2015 FNM

Hey nerds, I'm beginning this post by informing you guys that my grandfather, Edward Waddell, passed away on Thursday December 10th surrounded by his family. He will be gravely missed, that being said he is an amazing man and I couldn't have wished for a better grandfather. Robert and I decided to go to our... Continue Reading →

December 4th 2015 FNM

Hey all! Man, sometimes life gets super busy you know? School and work and work and school. I've been working for the past two weekends so I haven't attended FNM. Last night I was able to go to FNM, however I am in between decks at the moment so instead of chronicling my own games... Continue Reading →

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