December 18 2015 FNM

Greetings fellow nerds!

I SAW STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS TODAY AND IT WAS AWESOME. It was a magnificent piece of film making and JJ Abrams made me proud. The acting was quite flawless and the casting was very on point. The return of old faces and the introduction of new was well balanced and very well paced. Once the movie concluded the person standing in front of me stood up. I recognized him immediately. It was Kripparrian, of Hearthstone streaming fame.

Alright, time for the magic! I’m apologizing in advance I forgot to take detailed notes.

Round 1

Win in 2 vs Red/Green Landfall

Round 2

Win in 2 vs 5-Colour Value

Round 3

Win in 2 vs Super Friends

Round 4

Win in 2 vs Green/White Hardened Scales

All of the games I played tonight were a combination of solid plays on my part. I felt I played well and to the best of my ability. The four of Warden of the First Tree and four of Hangarback Walker are essential to the deck. Siege Rhino is such a bomb I love it. Below is the deck list, feel free to make any suggestions you like!

No salt in this post tonight. Until next time all you spellslingers!

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