January 15th 2016 FNM

Heya nerds! So first things first, the deck list. Your typical Abzan Aggro list, with some minor changes to the instants edited to my preference.   Round 1 Win in 3 vs B/G Aristocrats I'm going to start off by saying when pairings were I posted I noted my opponent. This individual was a fine... Continue Reading →


Oath of the Gatewatch Card Analysis

Heya nerds! Welcome to a special edition of "The Salt and I". For your weekly viewing pleasure, as I was unable to attend my normally scheduled FNM at Jack's on Queen, I will be looking at some of the interesting cards WotC has come up with in the new set Oath of the Gatewatch. Without further... Continue Reading →

Special GPT Detroit Edition

Greetings fellow nerds! Welcome to a special edition of my FNM blog. Today I attended a Grand Prix Trial event at OMG! Games located in Barrie. It was a five round swiss event with a cut to top four! I gathered my Abzan Aggro deck and met up with some of the fine gentlemen from my... Continue Reading →

January 1st 2016!! FNM

Heya nerds! Hope everyone had an enjoyable and memorable 2015. I'm going to start off with the events of FNM then go off on a tangent. Round 1 loss in 2 vs G/B Aristocrats Alright, we all know my stance on this archetype. The darned thing basically plays itself. If you have creatures in hand... Continue Reading →

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