January 1st 2016!! FNM

Heya nerds!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable and memorable 2015. I’m going to start off with the events of FNM then go off on a tangent.

Round 1 loss in 2 vs G/B Aristocrats

Alright, we all know my stance on this archetype. The darned thing basically plays itself. If you have creatures in hand play them, if you have Collected Company play it. Once established with Nantuko Husk and Zullaport Cutthroat proceed to just sack everything and drain your opponent while you laugh like maniacally as your opponent has literally 0 counter play.

As today, game one managed to kind of hold on with a Shambling Vent but the game got away from me. So game two I do all of the sideboard things, Hallowed Moonlight for CoCo and Tainted Remedy because LOL. I’m on the cusp of victory. Opponent plays a Cutthroat which will be a huge pain so I decide no. So after it enters I target it with a Murderous Cut. CoCo is played in response to the Cut and he gets two more cutthroats off of the CoCo. So each sacrificed creature to his Husk is three damage to my face which inevitably ends the game quite abruptly. Salt +1.

Round 2 loss in 2 vs Dark Jeskai

This deck appeared to be a splinter version of LSV’s own Dark Jeskai deck with some interesting tweaks. Piloted none other than Nathon Cook I was burnt to nothing but ash by turn five both games. My Abzan tiny starting creatures were no match for Draconic Roar, revealing Thuderbreak Regeant to also slap me in the face for three. This proceeded to happen twiece, game one and game two. Plus the Mantis Riders really don’t help the fact that I can only touch them on turn five after I hit a Wingmate Roc…if I hit a Wingmate Roc.

Round 3 win in 3 vs G/W Assault Formation

In other words this deck was fight butt beats. With a variety of high toughness creatures such as Yoked Ox, and cheap toughness buff spells like Shape the Sands that is a one green instant that gives target creature +0/+5 and reach. When combined with Assault Formation can prove to be some pretty heavy damage. Game one was in my favor and game two my opponent had a great comeback. Game three got pretty intense. Staring down three Meandering Towershells and a variety of blockers of various sizes I managed to destroy or exile any copy of Assault Formation that hit play, I even kept a Den Protector facedown just in case another enchantment was drawn. I played Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and -4ed him to get an emblem which pumped all my creatures +1/+1. I did that twice. My opponent later tried to Stasis Snare my Hangarback Walker which at this point had six counters on it, but I responded by Murderous Cutting it and flooding my side of the board with six 3/3 flying Thopters. I quickly ended the game on my following turn, but not before my opponent dedicated the three Towershells to the red zone.

Round 4 win in 2 vs Jeskai Tutelage

Of course the last round would have my brother and I paired up. We always playtest against each other at home so we were both quite aware of how this was going to end up. Both games I rushed him down before he would really combo me out with Sphinx’s Tutelage. But once he managed to stick one on board I played a Dromoka’s Command and made him sacrifice it.


2015 in Review

This year has been quite an interesting one. I left my Criminology course at the University of Guelph to pursue a Social Service Work course at my local Georgian College and I undoubtedly made the correct choice. On NYE I was able to reconnect with some of my old friends from Guelph and that was worth the drive. As sad as it was leaving my friends behind I made some great new ones in my program.When I moved back home I was able to afford a car, so I purchased an ’09 Pontiac G3 Wave. She’s my baby and she is super gas efficient.

In terms of my Magic career I attended my first Grand Prix in the beautiful city of Montreal with my friends Lucas, Colton and Jason. I have grown to appreciate these three gentlemen and am glad to call them my friends. Everyone at Jack’s on Queens is amazing, Tim and Kim are wonderful people and anyone in the Wasaga/Elmvale area should definitely check em out!

Unfortunately this year ended quite solemnly. My amazing grandfather passed away on December 10th. My family will miss him dearly however, we know he is smiling down on us from above.

So yea, thanks 2015, onward and upward!


Thank you guys for reading, I appreciate it. If you enjoyed, feel free to share this on Facebook or other forms of social media, cheers!



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