January 15th 2016 FNM

Heya nerds!

So first things first, the deck list. Your typical Abzan Aggro list, with some minor changes to the instants edited to my preference.


Round 1 Win in 3 vs B/G Aristocrats

I’m going to start off by saying when pairings were I posted I noted my opponent. This individual was a fine engineer of my most hated deck to ever play against. That out of the way, let us begin.

Game 1 – My opening hand consisted of Anafenza, the Foremost, and six other cards. Windmill slammed her on turn three and the joy drained from my opponent’s eyes. Completely stalled his sacrifice strategy. He dug for many turns to try and find a kill spell but he never found it.

Game 2 – I kept a hand with two annies. I never drew a single white land for seven turns…I just died a little inside. It was just so sad. He didn’t even combo me, he just beat my face with a bunch of tiny creatures.

Game 3 – I once again kept a hand with Anafenza. The ultimate and everlasting bane to the Aristocrat archetype. Whenever he sacked to Nantuko Husk I exiled it..it was glorious…I took him to one and played a Siege Rhino. He tried to CoCo, I don’t know what into, but hit nothing. I wonnered. I FINALLY BEAT ARISTOCRATS….YUS!!!

Round 2 Loss in 3 vs Jeskai Black

Game 1 – Just burned my face off sooo quick. I couldn’t take the fiaaaa! The Seeker of the Way into Soulfire Grand Master into Mantis Rider…bruh

Game 2 – I had all the sweet responses, Dromoka’s Command, Surge of Righteousness…and I just got there with the help of my rhino friends.


Round 3 Loss in 3 vs 4-Colour Enchantments

Game 1 – Got picked apart by removal. All the Silkwraps to hit my early drops and Stasis Snare for my main rhinos and Anafenzas. Hit the sideboard for a total of eight cards.

Game 2 – Removed every single enchantment that hit board. Managed to get there with Rhinos, also, Raid is an ETB effect, so blinking Wingmate Roc feels good.

Game 3 – Resolving two back to back Thopter Spy Network and exile-enchanting all my stuff feels really bad. He exiled some of my rhinos and if I top decked a single enchantment removal I would have had my Siege Rhinos re-enter and trigger the ETB effect.

Round 4 Win in 3 vs Mono-White Enchantments (Angelic Prison)

Game 1 – Oh my goodness….this was pillow fort to the max…every single creature was either met with either a Statis Snare, Suspension Field, or a Pacifism. It was sheer torture…took my opponent to 1 but he managed to stall it out.

Game 2 – I sideboarded in a total of 8 cards…all enchantment removal…it was a tough game but I managed to squeak it out. Sideboard tech was; Erase, Naturalize, Ultimate Price, and Transgress the Mind.

Game 3 – Was a blow out, opponent mulliganed to five, already off to a great start. I stuck a rhino and then it got exiled via enchantment…killed the enchant  and triggered ETB. He exiled it again, and once again I triggered ETB. I did that a total of four more times before I swung and killed him. Straight savage.

Round 5 Win in 2 vs B/U Stuff

Game 1 – Was pretty darn long, very back and forth. Trading kill spells and damage for atleast 30 minutes. I finally got there with the help of rhinos.

Game 2 – Was pretty quick. I got ahead super fast and just out ran the removal of my opponent. I played a thing, he killed the thing, I played another thing.


All in all a solid night, overall 7th place of 20 players. Kind of unfortunate but I wasn’t expecting those enchantment decks to be powerful as they were. Got to give credit where credit is due! Until next time, stay salty my friends.



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