StarCity Games Invitational Qualifier

Fellow nerds! I hope you all are doing well. I apologize for the lack of posts recently, life has been busy. But never the less I have come to supply you with your weekly dose of much needed sodium, and thus offloading of mine. Let us begin!

All the Magic

So Friday night came around and I attended my weekly FNM at Jack’s on Queen. I was running the good old Abzan Aggro deck. It just wasn’t a good night, I wasn’t feeling the magic, you know? I went a total of 2-2 and placed seventh, one spot from prizing. I don’t know what had gotten into me but my games felt super empty, maybe turning to the dark side of Abzan wasn’t the best idea. I played against mono-white good stuff (loss in two), colourless eldrazi (win in two), temur-black dragons (win in three), and finally black-colourless (loss in three).

It was after FNM I was approached by our local level 1, soon to be level 2, judge Jason Malott. He informed me that he was headed down to a Starcity Games Invitational Qualifier on Sunday, I was down, but the event was modern so I wasn’t entirely sure that I would be playing in the main event. I was sent two deck lists from one of our local modern players, let’s call him Nathon…because that’s his name. One was a super janky list known as Zombie Hunt, which consists of four Zombie Infestation, four Treasure Hunt, and 52 land. Given the hilarity that would ensue if the deck went off I considered it, but the inconsistency really threw me for a loop, so I decided on a mono-red goblin list. After adding Impact Tremors into the deck for extra ETB triggers, I decided to give this list a try. Bright and early Sunday morning I crammed into the car, helmed by our judge himself. I was sardined in the back seat with Nathon, and Spencer, while Urborg personified was in the passenger seat, here’s looking at you Ed. We arrived at The Hairy Tarantula and began testing our modern decks. I was super nervous, it was my first modern tournament and I didn’t know the deck very well, but I played it anyways.


13 people showed up for the event and I placed 12th. I lost first round to esper artifacts featuring Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas. We went to three, and he managed to pull out a win with Wurmcoil Engine. Round two was the most infuriating game of Magic I have ever played. This gentleman was playing land destruction…he would play turn one land, Birds of Paradise. Turn two, play a fetch then cast Boom, targeting his own fetch and my land, then retaining priority, cracked his fetch. This happened two out of the three games we played. Like, how much do you have to sell your soul to the devil to play a deck like this. How much of a fun leech do you have to be? This dude is probably a riot at parties. My third round I played against a gentleman whom had never played at a modern tournament before, but low and behold we get slapped with a random deck check. Both of our decks were seized and searched for authenticity. During the lull in the action my opponent told me that he had been issued a game loss in round one because he didn’t have a deck list. I felt for the guy but at the same time it is competitive REL and you should know better. After a couple minutes our judge returned and slapped another game loss on my opponent, apparently he had filled out a deck list after round one, but was still missing 15 cards from his main board. My giblins made short work of his mostly standard abzan deck. Fourth and final round was the closest game of Magic I have ever played, first game was mine, second was his, and the third was oh so intense. We were both 1-2 and chomping at the bit. He started with two turn two Delver of Secrets. We went back and forth, vomiting creatures and throwing Lightning Bolts. I took him to one life, one measly little health point. I just couldn’t get there, I extended my hand and that was it.

All in all I traded some stuff, started building my own modern deck. I will link both my standard deck and my modern deck below.

Abzan Eldrazi

Black Eldrazi

The Adventures of Durk

So I ventured out to my LGS Jack’s on Queen on Wednesday evening to partake in a rather, different experience. Jack’s on Queen hosted a Dungeons and Dragons campaign to which I thought I’d attend. I got there early because I needed some assistance in creating my character. I decided on a half-orc barbarian by the name of Durk Hammerhand. There was myself, a dwarf barbarian, a gnome druid, a human druid, a devious human rogue, and lastly an elf that thinks she is some sort of paladin/cleric?

Anyways, we were all gathered by a city guard and asked if we wanted to work a sketchy job for some gold, we were all dirt broke, so we obliged. We were guided through a celebratory city, to a latrine hole, in which was propped half of a corpse. We were informed that the foreman of the new sewer system was found like this this morning, half eaten. So us, the intrepid explorers delved deep into the under-construction sewers to discover what had attacked this man. After a time of searching, and slaying of dozens of dog sized rats, we stumbled upon a wine cellar, which was quickly ransacked by the alcoholic gnome and dwarf. The team found a ladder and ascended it into what appeared to be a small house. They encountered what turned out to be a “Were-rat”. A large battle ensued, the beast could regenerate blade wounds, but could not heal magic. After what felt like hours of stabbing the thing over and over again, the creature shape-shifted back into human form, and surrendered smugly. After turning him over to the authorities, the party was given their gold, but with no way to prove that this man had anything to do with the murder, he was released.

That is where the story has gone thus far. I can’t wait to continue next week and see where the adventure takes us.

On a D&D sidenote, my LGS is hosting a create your own adventure contest. I’ve had this idea in mind for a while, and I’ve already started making the plot line. Stoked!

The Legend of League

Yo, league is so toxic right now. After the ranked reset, all of the platinum ranked players have been dropped to high silver low gold, and have been seated next to actual silver ranked players. I’ve been trying to do nothing but multiqueue because the less feeders on my team the better, but it hardly helps. The more you queue with, the harder your random feeds. SALTIMODIUM!

I’ll see you nerds later! Until next time, draw well, enjoy life, and DON’T FEED!

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