February 13th 2016 FNM + OGW Gameday

Fellow nerds! I hope all is well! Happy Deadpool week by the way to everyone! Unfortunately, DnD was cancelled for this week so this will be a strictly Magic blog.

Friday Night….Meh

So I played my Abzan Aggro list on Friday night. It has not been working out for me lately so this was really its last chance to impress me. However, as some found the weather to be ‘unfavorable’ we were unable to fire a WotC sanctioned tournament at the best LGS around, Jack’s on Queen.

Round 1, Draw in 3 vs Demir Eldrazi Control

Game one we both mulliganed to six, and I was off to a rocket start, dropping rhino after rhino and swinging with a giant Hangarback WalkerGame two was a completely different story, not only did I draw 26 of my 26 lands, my opponent managed to drop Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger on curve. Game three I made a legitimate mistake, my opponent controlled a Sire of Stagnation, and I idiotically played a land. My opponent had no cards in hand and I was pretty sure I had the win. Now once I played my land, I exiled the top two cards of my library and he drew two cards. These two cards were counters that enabled him to keep me at bay and take me to time.

Round 2, Loss in 3 vs Selesnya Warriors

Game one I totally flubbed. I misplayed my lands, and was unable to access the colours I needed to cast the proper removal spell. I was then playing on the backfoot, and that is not how one wants to play magic. The misplay just put me too far behind. Game two was a different story. I cast Hangarback Walker on turn two, Nissa, Vastwood Seer on turn three, and she flipped on turn seven, followed by a Thought-Knot Seer to ensure I had the win down pat. Game three I had to mulligan, I knew it wasn’t good to being with. I was drawing nothing but land, I drew 23 of my 26 lands. I just couldn’t do anything and got overrun by +1/+1 counters.

Round 3, Win in 2 vs I…can’t remember…

To be brutally honest I have no recollection of what this young gentleman was playing. All I remember is that I lived the dream with Eldrazi Displacer, and Wingmate Roc. On turn five I cast wingmate roc, then on turn six, after attacking with the rocs, I blinked it twice using displacer’s ability, making two more birds. My opponent loved the interaction and we went to game two. Game two I just went turn 4 Siege Rhino, followed by turn five and turn six rhino. I won the game pretty quickly after that.

All in all, I feel I did make some mistakes, as well as I have a habit of drawing nothing but land. Which means I may have to cut down the land count. I will figure something out!

gameday mat


I was about 45 minutes early to my Jack’s on Queen for their gameday festivities. The weather was less than desirable so I wasn’t expecting a grand turnout. I was running a little different deck than the night before, it was still Abzan but it was not of my own concoction. A newly found friend of mine, Brendan, was unable to make it to gameday and offered me to play his deck at the event. I loved the ideas he had running in it so we agreed that if I placed first, then I keep the mat and we split the packs.

The deck was Abzan colours but the list contained Oath of Nissa, which is probably my new favourite card, Matter Reshaper, Thought-Knot SeerReality Smasher, Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, Sorin, Solemn Visitor, and Ob Nixilis Reignited to round out the deck.

Round 1, Win in 3 because bye

So my first round was a bye, which I’m totally ok with because it’s a win in three and I’m one step closer to the mat!

Round 2, Win in 2 vs Gruul Eldrazi Ramp

Game one I cast back to back Though-Knots, straight up crippling my opponent hand and managing to stick Gideon on turn five. I was relentless in my assault, my opponent didn’t really cast much except for a bunch of fetching for land spells. Game two was just not my opponents’ game, he drew nothing but lands for the entire duration of our game two, which only went about seven turns because Reality Smasher is amazing.

Round 3, Win in 2 vs Mono-Black Semicrats

Game one my opponent had a mitt full of swamps and nothing to play for it. I guess he didn’t pile shuffle because it was swamp after swamp after swamp. I just ran him over with my eldrazi army. Game two was super close, board state was as follows; I had Anafenza, the Foremost, Thought-Knot, and Smasher on board with a total of seven life, my opponent had a Drana, Liberator of Malakir, and two Bearer of Silence with a total of two life. Now people, I’m going to be completely honest, what I did next was disgustingly sneaky. I took notice of my opponent’s hesitation and I muttered under my breath “Oh dude, the counters from Drana…” I said it loud enough to that if he was paying attention then he would take notice, and he did. He said “Oh yea, swing, and go to game three?” In response to the counters being put on the Bearers, I tapped Tomb of the Spirit Dragon to gain two life. That brought me to nine life, and the damage from the Bearers brought me to one. He gave me this look, it was a look of, ‘You jerk’, ‘That was amazing’, and ‘I can’t believe I fell for it.’ He extended his hand and that was all she wrote.

Cut to Top 4 – Semi-Finals, Win in 3 vs Rakdos Dragons

The game one started off with myself casting Thought-Knot and just controlling my opponent’s hand with Transgress the Mind. I was burned, his reality was smashed but I managed to squeak out this win. Game two hit me like a ton of bricks, I sideboarded in the wrong cards. Spatial Contortion is apparently useless against Thunderbreak Regeants. I just lost real bad. Game three was pretty good for me. I cast a Reality Smasher on turn five as per usual and he took five. On my opponent’s turn he cast Exquisite Firecraft at my Smasher, so he had to discard a card, he then targeted it with Wild Slash, forcing him to discard yet another card. It was a straight four for one, welcome to value town yo. The next few turns were intense, back and forth, playing nothing but lands, he played a creature and took me quite low. I drew into Oath of Nissa, played it and looked at the top three cards. I revealed Reality Smasher and cast it right away, attacking and finishing him off. GG.

Finals, Loss in 3 vs Gruul Eldrazi Ramp

Game one was some excellent play by my opponent, I Thought-Knoted his one threat in his hand, World Breaker. He cast Kozilek’s Return the following turn but it only tickled my creatures. I played another Thought-Knot and Smasher and took him to one. The following turn my opponent cast another World Breaker, and triggered Kozilek’s Return’s ability, wiping my board and allowing him to draw two cards. The then cast Ulamog on the following turn to ensure that I could not come back and finish the game. Game two I got off to a slow start with my opponent controlling two Sylvan Advocates, they were both 4/5. Once again I did the whole bait thing. He was going to pass his turn but I said, “Not going to swing?” in a tone that was basically, ‘Cmon dude I’ve got no blockers’. So he attacked with one, I responded to him declaring attacks by animating Hissing Quagmire and blocking one of his 4/5s. The land was not hidden, it was all by itself away from the stack of basic lands I had accumulated. I then managed to scrape the game back with Reality Smasher, and Gideon. Game three was looking to be so good. My opponent had to mulligan to five and reluctantly kept. My hand was so on curve, Matter Reshaper, Thought-Knot, Smasher, double Transgress the Mind, and two lands. I kept, and was on the draw. I played my lands and this is when I realized there was an issue, I had no black or colourless sources in my hand. Oh, I’ll draw into them right? Wrong, ten turns of playing a plains or forest and passing, mitt full of black and colourless spells. My opponent had a different issue, all the land but nothing to spend it on, by the time I played Gideon, he dropped Ulamog, and I just couldn’t deal with it once it was on board. After I extended my hand, I looked at my next few draws, black source in four more turns, I was doomed from the start.

I guess that’s the karma though, playing someone else’ deck will only get you so far. Well played to Kyle MacDonald.


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