MTG Discount Brewhouse Episode 1

Fellow nerds! Today I bring you a special post unlike anything I’ve ever posted about. A good friend of mine by the name of Nathon Cook is an expert in the art of budget MTG deck building, check it out.

MTG Discount Brewhouse

So to keep this short this is what this whole thing is about, modern and standard Magic: The Gathering is expensive if you go by the top tier decks. Often, these decks are so expensive that the bar of entry is beyond what a casual player interested in trying a format can acheive.So my goal is to build deck lists for modern and standard formats to start with that will cost around 100$ CAN that you can take to your local event and do reasonably well. These decks probably won’t take down a GPs or any big events but you could reasonably expect to do ok at your FNM and take down a few games at other events. So next time your local store has an event in a format that you don’t have a deck for and you don’t want to shell out 2500$+ for the last pro tour winning deck, I may have a list for you that won’t break the bank but may break you into prizes.


Mono-Red Giblins


3 x Krenko, Mob Boss                    6.50 x 3= 19.50
4 x Young Pyromancer                  3.25 x 4= 13.00
4 x Krenko’s Command                0.25 x 4= 1.00
3 x Dragon Fodder                          0.25 x 4= 1.00
4 x Hordeling Outburst                 1.00 x 4= 4.00
4 x Lightning Bolt                          2.78 x 4= 11.12
4 x Battle Hymn                              0.25 x 4= 1.00
4 x Goblin Chieftain                        5.57 x 4= 22.28
2 x Commune with Lava                0.50 x 2= 1.00
3 x Purphoros, God of the Forge  10.00 x 3= 30.00
2 x Magmatic Insight                      1.00 x 2= 2.00
2 x Impact Tremors                       0.25 x 2= 0.50
1 x Tormenting Voice                      0.15 x 1= 0.15
20 x Mountain                             20 x 0.00=0.00

TOTAL: 106.55$


2 x Crumble to Dust                      1.00 x 2= 2.00
2 x Goblin Grenade                        1.00 x 2= 2.00
2 x Massive Raid                             0.15 x 2= 0.30
2 x Smelt                                          0.15 x 2= 0.30
2 x Banefire                                     1.50 x 2= 3.00
1 x Outpost Seige                            1.00 x 1= 1.00
1 x Hall of Triumph                       0.75 x 1= 0.75
1 x Pyromancers Goggles             2.78 x 1= 2.78
2 x Legion Loyalist                         4.18 x 2= 8.36

TOTAL: 20.49$

                            GRAND TOTAL 127.04

So this deck is pretty straight forward, make a bunch of goblin tokens and abuse them. The main plan is to have the Purphoros + Krenko combo going to cause a bunch of damage without attacking, impact tremors acts as additional Purphoros. This deck has the added benefit that it has a very good creature to cards used ratio, so expedite the making a bunch of dudes plan. Battle hymn is really the all star of the deck as it generates absurd amounts of mana that can be used for Purphors’s pump ability when trying to get through on the ground or when combined with commune with lava you can have access to enough cards to solve any board stall. Magmatic Insight and Tormenting Voice is great for avoiding excessive land and drawing into gas when you need it.

In terms of sideboard tech they are all fairly self explanatory the main ones to catch people with are Massive Raid if they board in Ensnaring Bridge or are not keeping your board in check. Outpost Seige if you need a little extra card draw or are using sweepers, Hall of Triumph can push your elemental from Pyromancer if you want to go the aggro rout. Finally the nail in the coffin for token decks is Legion Loyalist or if they are on a heavy blocker stratagy its trample granting ability can push through those final few points.

Also side note all the prices i list will come from Face To Face Games


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