Jund Mid-Range Deck Tech

Sup nerds? It’s salt master flash here with my GP Toronto deck tech. I took some inspiration from Brendon Duff’s OGW Gameday deck that he so graciously allowed me to play. Strap yourselves in, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

The Creatures

Elvish Visionary is a straight value card. Two mana for a 1/1 isn’t highly sought after, but the enter the battlefield effect of drawing a card is huge in this build. The ability to hit this off of a dying Matter Reshaper just ups the value.

Up for debate as the best two drop in the format, Sylvan Advocate acts as both an early game and late game threat. The fact that it is a 2/3 with vigilance for two mana is huge, but once your sixth land enters the battlefield the dude becomes a wicked 4/5. Did I mention he also gives all your land creatures +2/+2. This dude is literally value incarnate.

Another one…dripping in value. I’m going to preface this by saying the eldrazi are severely overpowered. A three drop 3/2 does not seem like something special, but happily trading this guy for another three toughness creature is almost entirely worth it. When this little guy dies, you reveal the top card of your library and if it a permanent with CMC three or less, put it onto the battlefield. This includes lands, planeswalkers, enchantments, and other creatures.

Now, any deck playing green should be playing Nissa. When she enters she searches for a land, awesome, but she also flips into a walker once your seventh land enters play. Her walker side starts with three loyalty counters. A good planeswalker, in my opinion, must fit one of three criteria. The first being that they protect themself, and Nissa does that in the form a 4/4 legendary elemental by the name of Ashaya. The second is card advantage, Nissa’s plus one is that. You reveal the top card, if it’s a land, play it, if not it goes to your hand. The third and final criteria is a game winning ult. Now, turning six of your lands into 6/6 land creatures is kind of a big deal. If you manage to get her ult off, and your opponent has less than 36 life, you can almost always chalk that up to a win.

Maybe the most hated card in the standard format at the moment. Thought-knot not only provides very good hand disruption, but is a four drop 4/4. Sure the downside is that it gives your opponents a card when it leaves the battlefield, but the upside it gives is almost too strong to pass up on.

Another one of those bologna eldrazi. A five drop for a 5/5 with haste, trample, and pseudo-hexproof. I once 4-for-1’d with my opponent targeting this guy twice with Fiery Impulse, forcing him to discard two cards. This guy is a monster of a finisher and a great addition to the deck.

The Walkers

Time to do the test. Does she protect herself? Yes she does, in form of 0/1 plant tokens, and putting a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control. Does she generate card advantage? Her ult is amazing in terms of card advantage, if you ever get her to ult, you are usually drawing a minimum of seven cards, and gaining seven life. Does her ult end the game? It has the potential. As it doesn’t necessarily win you the game, it does hinder your opponents chances to finish you off.

I was so hyped for Arlinn once she was spoiled, and even more hyped to play her. The only planeswalker printed to have five modes. Step aside Jace, the Mind Sculptor, there’s a new sheriff in town. She protects herself multiple ways. She can make a 2/2 wolf token, she can give a creature haste AND vigilance to use it as a blocker as well. On her flip side she anthems your team and gives you the option to bolt a creature or straight to dome. She does not generate card advantage, but I feel her other abilities make up for it. Her ult, is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my days of Magic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten into board stalls with people, and the game either ends in a tie, or ends via someone top decking something nasty. Her ult gets around that, having the option to tap your creatures and deal direct damage to your opponents’ face is huge. They also get haste…lol.

Good ol’ Ob here is insanely good. He fits into all three of my criteria perfectly. His +1 generates card value, at the cost of your own life, which is worth it. People sometimes forget that their life is a resource, to be used very carefully, but a resource none the less. His -3 protects him, and protects him well, as long you don’t run into token decks. His ult, will definitely win you the game, given your opponent doesn’t kill you. It puts them on a clock, a very dangerous clock that will almost always put a game away.

The Other Stuff

You know what? I’m going to say it. Oath of Nissa is the best one drop in the format currently. Not only when it enters are you able to pick one of the top three cards of your library to put into your hand, but for as long as the enchantment rests on the battlefield you may spend mana of any colour to cast planeswalker spells. Oh, what’s that? You don’t have the red for Alrinn? That’s fine. No second black for Ob? Go ahead, tap another green source.

Since the loss of Murderous Cut black has been hurting for removal. Sure we have Ruinous Path but it’s sorcery speed which kind of sucks. Ultimate Price deals with things like Jace, Drana, and Avacyn. The only issue is that it doesn’t hit eldrazi as they are technically not monocoloured as they are colourless.

This is the only other option in terms of black removal. An instant speed with a nasty delirium effect. This card thrives againt esper dragons that run mainly just Ojutai, and token decks that sacrifice everything to Westvale Abbey and flip it into Ormendhal. The delirium is also prime walker removal and not all that hard to hit.

The Land

This is one of those cards that I think flew semi-under the radar. It taps for colourless as to fuel the eldrazi war machine, but its’ secondary function is what I’m really interested in. The ability to pay essentially four mana, and draw a card on a land is really good. Sure the clause is that your hand needs to be empty, but doing it on someones’ end step when your both in top deck mode may just give you that edge.

One of the ultimate deter cards. The threat of manifesting this guy and throwing him in front of an overly aggressive attack will be sure to surprise some opponents. Also, the synergy with Sylvan Advocates and Arlinn Kord ult is amazing.

The Sideboard

These one drop surprises are in place of Naturalize. As I’ve found that most artifacts and enchantments that you want to deal with in rotation right now are indeed below CMC three. Hangarback Walker, Sphinx’s Tutelage, Oath of Nissa, and Always Watching, are some of the big threats that this deals with.

There’s nothing quite like making an Ulamog, or Gideon into a squishy baby again and chumping with a Quagmire. The ETB of drawing a card is extra value. Also the bonus of not having to sacrifice it to get the effect is awesome, and repeatable.

What can green do in the face of black/blue planeswalkers and black/blue target spells? Stare it square in the face and display dominance. The two perk, two mana instant allows you to even blow up land creatures as when they become animated they gain colour identity. The secondary ability to give all your permanents target protection from blue/black is pretty useful as well.

This two drop sorcery is great vs decks that want to make the long haul. Ramp decks and control decks are really hurt by this when you pick their win condition out of their hand and throw it into exile.

Losing to Ulamog in the OGW Gameday finals was pretty upsetting. So I thought, if you can’t beat Ulamog..assimilate him? This is a good sideboard card for any of the ramp based decks, or even control.

The one that tells aristocrats to take a hike. Cast this and feel free to kill Hangarback Walkers, aristocrats loses their death triggers, Avacyn doesn’t flip. It all feels pretty good man.

I think this card is great against the control matchup. If you manage to stick this guy early enough without him getting countered, he nets a card whenever they cast a spell on your turn. When this guy flips, he nets two cards, however I don’t see him flipping much with the kind of curve I have.

I can’t tell you how many games I’ve won because of this card. Decks that run nothing but creatures with lifelink are my favourite. They can’t attack, nor block, so they literally just sit there and wait for the inevitable end.

That’s all she wrote. I hope you enjoyed my in-depth look into the dank reaches of my mind, and my ideas behind what I play. Cheers.



Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease 2

Sup nerds? Prerelease number two is under my belt, and I have to say I enjoy the flavour of the set. All the cards are so jammed with flavour and just feel good content it’s amazing.

The Sealed Pool

Check out the deck I put together.


Round 1 Win in 2

Round one I played against a red/green deck. Game one was pretty close, but game two my opponent took a one lander and couldn’t do anything for the first few turns.

Round 2 Loss in 3

Round two was another red/green deck. All three of these games were stupid close. Game three was really unfortunate as my opponent instant speeded some 1/1 devil tokens that when they die they deal one damage to target creature or player. He managed to two for one my creatures and then just took the tempo.

Round 3 Win in 2

Round three I played against esper colours. If you’re wondering why he has a bunch of Runeclaw Bears, those are actually his card sleeves. He used clear sleeves and put a bear in each to use as a card backing, pretty ingenious. The games were good, but I couldn’t help but appreciate the bears.

Round 4 Win in 2

The fourth and final round of the event I got paired with my little brother. We had done testing before the first round was announced and he beat me. But this time he didn’t get the start he wanted, I polished him off in two.

Final Words

I came fourth and managed to make prizing, woot! I’d like to give a special thanks to Jack’s on Queen for hosting the amazing event, and special shoutout to store owner Kim for running five events solo the entire weekend! If you are in the Elmvale, Wasaga Beach area give em a checking out!


Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease 1

Nerds! How’s it going? I hope you’re all well. It has been quite a while since my last post, life has been busy, but no need to bore you all with the details, on to the good stuff.

Magic: The Opening

So my pool was decent, decent pertaining to the value of the cards not the overall cohesion of the deck. Check out the opening and I’ll explain.

So yea, two Sorins, one of which was foil, Anguished Unmaking and a some junk. I decided on putting together a black/white good stuff deck that never really had much cohesion.

Due to some technical issues I was unable to record any of my games.

Round 1 Loss in 3

We went to three, however it seemed that my 23 nonlands and 17 lands were an unfavourable mixture as I got land starved nearly all three games.

Round 2 Loss in 2

Round two was worse. I lost in two. My opponent was rocking a nasty white/green deck with Avacyn which luckily I managed to kill both games before she flipped. This game was opposite the first game, as I got land flooded.

Round 3 Draw in 2

Another well put together green/white deck. This one had a very solid clue theme and my opponent nearly decked himself twice, we went to time but as my opponent won the first game he gained the points.

In Conclusion

All in all I dropped after the third roun, I was exhausting, my deck was bombing, and I managed to trade my foil Sorin, for a promo Arlinn Kord. I’m attending another prerelease this afternoon and hopefully I will be able to record my games.

Until next time nerds, stay salty.