Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease 1

Nerds! How’s it going? I hope you’re all well. It has been quite a while since my last post, life has been busy, but no need to bore you all with the details, on to the good stuff.

Magic: The Opening

So my pool was decent, decent pertaining to the value of the cards not the overall cohesion of the deck. Check out the opening and I’ll explain.

So yea, two Sorins, one of which was foil, Anguished Unmaking and a some junk. I decided on putting together a black/white good stuff deck that never really had much cohesion.

Due to some technical issues I was unable to record any of my games.

Round 1 Loss in 3

We went to three, however it seemed that my 23 nonlands and 17 lands were an unfavourable mixture as I got land starved nearly all three games.

Round 2 Loss in 2

Round two was worse. I lost in two. My opponent was rocking a nasty white/green deck with Avacyn which luckily I managed to kill both games before she flipped. This game was opposite the first game, as I got land flooded.

Round 3 Draw in 2

Another well put together green/white deck. This one had a very solid clue theme and my opponent nearly decked himself twice, we went to time but as my opponent won the first game he gained the points.

In Conclusion

All in all I dropped after the third roun, I was exhausting, my deck was bombing, and I managed to trade my foil Sorin, for a promo Arlinn Kord. I’m attending another prerelease this afternoon and hopefully I will be able to record my games.

Until next time nerds, stay salty.

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