Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease 2

Sup nerds? Prerelease number two is under my belt, and I have to say I enjoy the flavour of the set. All the cards are so jammed with flavour and just feel good content it’s amazing.

The Sealed Pool

Check out the deck I put together.


Round 1 Win in 2

Round one I played against a red/green deck. Game one was pretty close, but game two my opponent took a one lander and couldn’t do anything for the first few turns.

Round 2 Loss in 3

Round two was another red/green deck. All three of these games were stupid close. Game three was really unfortunate as my opponent instant speeded some 1/1 devil tokens that when they die they deal one damage to target creature or player. He managed to two for one my creatures and then just took the tempo.

Round 3 Win in 2

Round three I played against esper colours. If you’re wondering why he has a bunch of Runeclaw Bears, those are actually his card sleeves. He used clear sleeves and put a bear in each to use as a card backing, pretty ingenious. The games were good, but I couldn’t help but appreciate the bears.

Round 4 Win in 2

The fourth and final round of the event I got paired with my little brother. We had done testing before the first round was announced and he beat me. But this time he didn’t get the start he wanted, I polished him off in two.

Final Words

I came fourth and managed to make prizing, woot! I’d like to give a special thanks to Jack’s on Queen for hosting the amazing event, and special shoutout to store owner Kim for running five events solo the entire weekend! If you are in the Elmvale, Wasaga Beach area give em a checking out!


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