The Problem with Standard

What's happening saltlings? Hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend. I've got something a little different for you guys today. As I was working last night I was unable to attend FNM so instead I'm going to do an in-depth look at the current standard metagame and give my best attempt to decipher it for you... Continue Reading →


May 22nd 2016 FNM

It's that time of the week again saltlings, FNM! The events held by Jack's on Queen were standard and modern. As my standard deck isn't quite finished yet I decided to play in the modern event with my Orhzov Eldrazi. Round 1; Win in 3 vs W/U Humans Game one I got ran over, token generator... Continue Reading →

MTG Discount Brewhouse Episode 2

What's happening saltlings? Got another budget brew for you guys, fresh from the mind of Mr. Nathon Cook. Let us see what he has for us this week! Black/White Rally Mainboard 4 x Sin Collector                  0.50 x 4 = 2.00 4 x Zulaport Cutthroat       1.50... Continue Reading →

May 13th 2016 FNM

Ooooo it's Friday the 13th my saltlings! How many of you ran Triskaidekaphobia? It's ok if you didn't, the card is pretty silly. But I digress, let us begin! This Friday at Jack's on Queen the store hosted two events, standard and modern. Both events had a decent turnout and had four rounds. I was head... Continue Reading →

May 6th 2016 FNM

Greetings Saltlings! I just want to begin by saying I saw Captain America: Civil War yesterday and it was amazing! Black Panther was fantastic, and Spider-Man stole the show. The Russo brothers did an amazing job at making both sides very agreeable. After the movie was over I could not decide which team to side... Continue Reading →

Grand Prix Toronto

Heya Saltlings! How is everyone doing? This past weekend was Grand Prix Toronto hosted by Face to Face games. The event was held at the Enercare Center located on the EX grounds near the Toronto lake shore. Without further ado, let's get it underway! Friday Friday, my local level 2 judge and friend Jason Malott... Continue Reading →

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