May 13th 2016 FNM

Ooooo it’s Friday the 13th my saltlings! How many of you ran Triskaidekaphobia? It’s ok if you didn’t, the card is pretty silly. But I digress, let us begin!

This Friday at Jack’s on Queen the store hosted two events, standard and modern. Both events had a decent turnout and had four rounds. I was head judge for the main event. As I am still out on the standard boat, I participated in the modern event. This is the list I ran.

Round 1; Win in 2 vs Torpor Orb

I’d just like to behind by saying I love this deck. It utilizes cards like Torpor Orb, and Hushwing Gryff, so that playing cards like Eater of Days, and Avatar of Discord with zero draw back. The only issue with these combo oriented decks, is that if one does not draw one of their pieces then the deck kind of falls apart. Game one was pretty close, opponent got me to 11 but I managed to remove the threats and finish them off. Second game I managed to pick the orb out of my opponents’ hand and then they didn’t draw into another one, nor a gryff.

Round 2; Win in 3 vs Ad Nauseam

I was worried about this match up. My brother and I built this Ad Nauseam combo deck together and I’ve beaten it 30% of the time. So game one my brother never combo’d out, it was just a bad draw for him and he never drew into anything. Game two my brother won, he just combo’d out and blew my face off. Game three was close too, but the turn before he was able to combo off, he Gitaxian Probe‘d myself. I revealed a Duress, and Surgical Extraction. Thus forcing him into the concede as he had Ad Nauseam in his hand, and getting those picked from his deck ruins the entire combo.

Round 3; Win in 3 vs Infect

Pre-sideboard my deck is kind of decent against infect but I am so much better post-board. Game one ended as expected, I got infected out on like turn four. I brought in a total of eight cards against infect. Game two my opponent had to mulligan to five, and I just picked their hand apart with Duress, and the like. Game three I kept a hand with three Inquisition of Kozilek‘s and a Duress. I took their only draw spell and picked their pump out of their hand. Locked em out really hard.

Round 4; Win in 3 vs Infect

Again, here we go with infect. I had literally just played this deck so I knew what was coming. Game one I scooped on turn two. I knew I was going to get rushed as my opponent was on the play. I once again side boarded my eight cards and took game two pretty convincingly, creeping back from three life to 23 life with the help of Vault of the Archangel. Game three my opponent played Wild Defiance, so my Dismember would not kill his creatures anymore, also makes his infect creatures huge. I found a pretty sneaky way around that, by processing exiled cards via Wasteland Strangler and it bypassed the enchantment.

My final record was 4-0 and I managed to take first place. I’m hoping to make it to Seneca College soon to participate in a Face to Face tournament. I really enjoy my modern deck and I feel really good about it!

Until next time! Stay salty my friends.

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