June 25th 2016 FNM

Saltlings! How's everyone doing? Two part blog coming at you today, first will be a run down of the events at Jack's on Queen, and the second will be a review of the new Eldritch Moon cards on Mythic Spoiler. Let's begin!!! So Jack's fired two sanctioned events last night, standard and commander. Being as... Continue Reading →


June 10th 2016 FNM

What's up saltlings? It's time for Friday Night Magic at the best LGS around, Jack's On Queen! The store hosted two events this fine evening, one being standard and one being an Eternal Masters draft. Being the poor college student I am, I decided to partake in the standard event. I piloted a U/W Spirits... Continue Reading →

The Solution for Standard

What's good sodium lovers? Man who knew my last blog was going to generate so much discussion!? If I'm being brutally honest I was feeling some salt being thrown my way and I loved it. Now, it would be unfair of me to make a post calling out the issues with something and not provide... Continue Reading →

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