The Solution for Standard

What’s good sodium lovers? Man who knew my last blog was going to generate so much discussion!? If I’m being brutally honest I was feeling some salt being thrown my way and I loved it.

Now, it would be unfair of me to make a post calling out the issues with something and not provide some sort of solution for said issue. I waited for a week to make the second part of the post because I wanted to see what discussions were to have been had, and I wanted to incorporate some of your ideas into this blog. I’m going to go through the different colours and see what each has in their arsenal to deal with these very early game rush and mid-game combo aggro decks.


Beating fire with fire, yep that’s one way to do it. In order to deal with the early game threats that these bant/mono white decks are bringing to the table, one may turn to the dark side. Cards like Declaration in Stone are great in order to deal with multiple threats of the same name, especially tokens. Dec stone is perfect for removing a mass of tokens from the battlefield as they do not provide your opponent with clue tokens, thus snuffing their card advantage they would get otherwise. Other sweeper cards like Planar Outburst and Descend upon the Sinful are excellent when playing these decks as not only do they clear the board, but if you have the proper prerequisites then they also leave you with a threat of your own on board. I am also a fan of having Hallowed Moonlight in the sideboard to deal with Collected Company.


Now, green has no effective board wipes. The only way to counter act these early aggressive decks is to play mana effective creatures like Sylvan Advocate and Tireless Tracker which can either block early, or get bigger and block later. Other cards that have an effect on the board state early like Nissa, Voice of Zendikar is also a good way to stave off the early game assault. Clip Wings is a great green sideboard card when facing down things like Archangel Avacyn and Ormendhal.


Red, being in a very weak spot right now, has a decent number of ways to deal with the wheenie threat, though some may be ineffective once creatures get bigger. Cards like Radiant Flames are good, however being forced to put different coloured mana into it may not meet some decks requirements. The other only real red card to deal with multiple creatures is Chandra, Flamercaller. Her -x can be great to remove all those two-three toughness creatures, however if they get any bigger than Chandra may be ineffective at removing threats.


As a wise man once sad “Play Languish and stop crying.” That is a totally viable option, if you’re willing to play black, and have the funds for a playset of said card. Another slightly less effective option is to use Flaying Tendrils before the creatures you’re trying to kill get too big. With the rotation of Fate Reforged black lost access to Crux of Fate, which was their main board wipe. It is unfortunate that black no longer has a “destroy all creatures” spell, but white does!


Blue is in an interesting spot. Blue has access to early game counter spells to keep rush decks sort of on the back foot. They also have access to things like Negate, and Dispel to stop Collected Company. Blue also has access to mass bounce spell like Engulf the Shore, and Crush of Tentacles. Crush is especially good because again, it leaves you with a potential threat on board. Another potential bounce is good ol’ Thing in the Ice which, if you can get it to flip before you die, can swing the game in your favour.


Did I miss any? Got any more suggestions for dealing with those pesky top tier aggro decks? Let me know! I’d love to have more feedback on what you feel the current standard meta game is like, and how you feel we could change it, whether it be for better or for worse! Hopefully next week will be an FNM featured blog!

Until next week, stay salty my friends.


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