U/W Spirits Deck Tech

Heyo saltlings, it's another weekend so that means it's time for the salt. Sad to say, not much today as FNM was draft and I didn't draft! The FNM sanctioned events this week at Jack's on Queen were posted as Eldritch Moon Draft and Modern Constructed. I signed up for modern but all the other... Continue Reading →


Eldritch Moon Midnight Prerelease

Something salty this way comes my friends! Eldritch Moon Prerelease is upon us, and with it comes tons of new cards for us to brew with, compete with, and most of all, have fun with. I attended the midnight launch of Eldritch Moon at my LGS Jack's on Queen. Below I have a link to... Continue Reading →

July 1st 2016 FNM

Saltlings! Happy Canada Day everyone! On this long weekend let's all enjoy our great nation and remember those who gave their lives to defend it. Best LGS in the world, Jack's on Queen, held two sanctioned events last night. One being standard and one being modern, I took part in the latter as I'm sure... Continue Reading →

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