July 1st 2016 FNM

Saltlings! Happy Canada Day everyone! On this long weekend let’s all enjoy our great nation and remember those who gave their lives to defend it.

Best LGS in the world, Jack’s on Queen, held two sanctioned events last night. One being standard and one being modern, I took part in the latter as I’m sure we all know my stance on the current meta. I went to cardboard combat with my Black/White Eldrazi. Recent changes to the deck are; MB; -1 Oblivion Sower, +1 Path to Exile. SB; -1 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, +1 Leyline of Sanctity.

Round 1; Win in 2 vs Temur Delver

Can I start by saying that I love when people take a deck and then make it their own. Such is true with the fine gentleman who I called my round one opponent last night. He took your typical delver shell, dropped the black, and added green. Given he doesn’t have the utility that black offers in Tasigur, and Kolaghan’s Command. But running green gives him access to Atarka’s Command, Hooting Mandrills, and my personal favourite, Altered Ego. Game one was very close, my opponent had taken me to six before I dealt the lethal blow. Game two was a lot more one sided. I cast Inquisition of Kozilek on turn one, forcing him to discard Delver of Secrets. I then proceeded to cast Surgical Extraction, targeting Delver, removing all of his Delvers from his hand and library from the game. The game ended very quickly after that, thanks to constant face beats from Thought-Knot Seer.

Round 2; Win in 3 vs 4 Colour Allies

Another deck that I’ve never seen before, but man did I love it. Game one my face got ran over. Some crazy good allies I’ve never seen before, enabled by new cards, Ally Encampment, and even Hardened Scales make this deck super scary. Game two I was able to remove enough guys before they get super big, and was able to nurse my wounds with Vault of the Archangel, taking out my opponent before he could run me down. Game three was super close as well. I was pretty dead to rights. I had a lone Thought-Knot Seer on board facing down a Kazandu Blademaster with five +1/+1 counters on it. So here I am staring down this 6/6 creature with first strike and vigilance with a lone 4/4 that’s going to give my opponent a card draw if it dies. So I drop to 10 and decide I need to do something. I activated Sea Gate Wreckage and drew into Dismember. After my opponent declared attacks, I declared blocks. Before combat damage I cast Dismember reducing my opponent’s threat to a measly 1/1, which was easily dealt with by Thought-Knot. I then used Vault to bring myself back up to 29 life before the game was over.

Round 3; Win in 2 vs Mono-Red Dragons

I was worried about this match. My opponent and I had tussled last week in testing and I lost pretty badly. But once again, a deck that you don’t see very often but the synergy is super real. Game one I managed to use hand hate early to remove my opponent’s enablers like Dragonlord’s Servant, and Generator Servant. Once my opponent was able to cast his bigger dragons I was able to remove them with my multiple of kill spells. I dropped to four health in game one, but thanks to Vault I was able to stabilize and pull out the game. Game two was a lot more one sided. Surgical Extraction targeting Generator Servant, and then Infinite Obliteration naming Stormbreath Dragon, as it can’t be targeted by Path to Exile. It was a pretty short game two with yours truly coming out on top.


So that is the last three modern FNMs I have attended I’ve gone undefeated. I really like this deck and am so glad that I managed to put it together. The only thing left to do is foil it out!


Man, can white get any more bonkers? Gisela and Bruna and their super saiyan fusion form is actually really good and really scary.

 This thing effectively blocks Ormendhal and has vigilance.

Just when you think the set couldn’t get anymore flavourful, WotC decides to slap us with Tree of Perdition. This card works perfectly in tangent with Triskaidekaphobia.

Zombies are getting some crazy good love with the siblings of reanimation themselves, Gisa and Geralf.

I’m actually disappointed in WotC. They couldn’t have made the new Tamiyo G/B. I would have been fine with a G/B walker, but no, they made her Bant colours. Here is Tamiyo, Field Researcher. Look at her -7, do you realize how broken that is? YOU MAY CAST NON LAND CARDS FROM YOUR HAND WITHOUT PAYING THEIR MANA COSTS. Drop her on turn four and she goes to five loyalty. Turn five she goes to six, turn six she goes to seven, turn seven she ults and you can slam Emrakul.

This next guy is strange, but really interesting at the same time. This is Decimator of Provinces. It’s an Eldrazi Boar, with Emerge for 6GGG, and when you cast it creatures you control get +2/+2 and trample until end of turn. He himself has trample and haste. This card is reminiscent of the old Craterhoof Behemoth from the original Innistrad block.

Since there have been many cards spoiled so far I have decided to currently only review the mythics and the cards I find very very interesting.

I hope you all can make it to Jack’s for their Eldritch Moon prerelease events on July 16th! Until next time, stay salty my friends!

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