U/W Spirits Deck Tech

Heyo saltlings, it’s another weekend so that means it’s time for the salt. Sad to say, not much today as FNM was draft and I didn’t draft! The FNM sanctioned events this week at Jack’s on Queen were posted as Eldritch Moon Draft and Modern Constructed. I signed up for modern but all the other attendees signed up for draft, so I guess there’s a wee bit of salt there. But, I present to you a silver lining, I got to practice judge drafting procedure!

With the official release of Eldritch Moon we get some wacky new cards for standard, as well as some possible modern and legacy playables! So this weeks blog is going to be a standard deck tech. This deck is built to combat my local meta, but I also believe it will have a strong showing in competitive environments. Let’s get into it!



2x Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit

Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit

Starting with little spirit Annie. Some people are caught quite off guard by this little soldier. The part that makes her work so well in this deck is the spirit synergy with Rattlechains.  Being able to flash her in on someones’ end step, or even having her bolster all of your 2/1 spirits into 3/2’s. She also works very well with Mausoleum Wanderer. Being a Legendary creature I only run two.

4x Bygone Bishop

Bygone Bishop

What would I be without this guy? No clue. This spirit turns all of my other creatures into draw spells. Being able to cast creatures and get clues to sacrifice later for card advantage? An also great upside of this card, a three drop for a 2/3 with flying is fantastic. Running a playset of these guys is a must as you can have multiple investigation triggers. Solid.

4x Rattlechains


The one behind the entire deck. Giving my spirits flash, giving a spirit hexproof on entrance is amazing. Being able to hold up counter magic, and then also flash in other creatures if he can stick around is so good. This has great synergies with Topplegeist, and Mausoleum Wanderer, and just about every card in the deck!

2x Spectral Shepherd

Spectral Shepherd

I know a lot of people have questions about this guy. I do admit this guy is quite fringe, and may require some explanation. This guy has amazing synergy with just about every creature in the deck; Rattlechains, Topplegeist, Bygone Bishop, Anafenza, and Spell Queller. Also, another bonus of this guy, I can block a creature with lifelink and bounce the blocking creature to my hand so no life is gained. I really enjoy this guy and feel he brings quite a bit of utility to the deck.

2x Spell Queller

Spell Queller

The first new addition to the deck from Eldritch Moon. This guy is bonkers, firstly, a three drop 2/3 with flying, flash and a sweet ETB ability. This spirit is super versatile, I can stop just about anything that causes issues in the current format that threatens my game. Gideon? Take a seat. Languish? Not today! Another Spell Queller? THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! This dude works well with Spectral Shepherd as I can delay a spell until I have a counter spell to use on it, then bounce it, counter the exiled spell, and exile another spell on the stack, lots of loop holes, but this guy can jump em.


3x Topplegeist


The best part about this card, the art by far. I mean look, he’s the angsty teenage spirit we’ve always wanted. Not only is he a one drop for a 1/1 but he has flying…and a totally boss ETB effect…AND A DELIRIUM TRIGGER…oh man how is this card so good? In this deck I can hit dilirium quite easily, and the potential of abusing of flashing this with Rattlechains, and bouncing it with Spectral Shepherd and flashing it in again. The limits are quite endless.

3x Declaration in Stone

Declaration in Stone

Possibly best removal in the format? I think so! Permanent Detention Sphere! This was one of the cards that I complained about when I did my “Problem with Standard” post. My mentality at the moment is one of two minds, “Build to beat it” or “Can’t beat em, join em”. The latter is the thought behind this card. This puts a stop to g/w tokens, and also firmly places a foot in the butt of humans decks. I can even use this on my own creatures if I get desperate for card draw…but nah best removal by far…

2x Anticipate


This card is available for swapping. I just liked the ability to peel the top three and pick one in secret. Being able to do this and look at the top three cards for an answer is great value and is a great addition to the deck.

4x Clash of Wills

Clash of Wills

I was a huge fan of Syncopate when it was in RTR standard and I’m a huge face of CoW. Being able to counter any spell my opponent casts on curve for two mana is really good. Given once it hits late game this isn’t the best, however I can force my opponent to tap out in order to let their spell resolve, that’s when you slip in another counter spell!

4x Epiphany at the Drownyard

Epiphany at the Drownyard

I really like this card. Not only is it a mana sink, but is great delirium fuel.Putting one of each card into the piles can really put pressure onto your opponent. Even baiting opponents into putting creatures into your yard, so you can bring them back with Ojutai’s Command. Most people aren’t a fan of this card but I vouch for it all the way.

1x Horribly Awry

Horribly Awry

Once again, I love the art. This card is a really answer to those cards that have pesky recursion. This is basically for zombie decks as there isn’t much reanimation in standard right now. It counters creatures, it does what its supposed to do.

3x Ojutai’s Command

Ojutai's Command

What could possibly be better than gaining four life, returning a creature with CMC two or less, countering a creature spell, or drawing a card? Picking two of those and doing it for four mana. Arguably the best of the five commands, this card is amazing as most spirits are CMC two or less, life is always valuable, drawing cards is awesome, and countering creature spells is amazing.

2x Unsubstantiate


For the third time this blog, I LOVE THIS ART. This card is a different Remand. I say remand because I don’t find this card better, nor worse. Remand counters a spell, bounces it to owner’s hand, then draws you a card. This card does what remand does, but instead of card draw, has the potential to bounce a creature. Given this card is terrible against eldrazi and most eldrazi has cast triggers, and this enables your opponent to get multiple cast triggers. A good card none the less.

2x Stasis Snare

Stasis Snare

My answer to big creatures I can’t counter or don’t have the answer for immediately. Also great at enabling delirium if removed from play. The whole flash deal is amazing so that I can keep my mana open and flash this in on my opponent’s end step.

3x Port Town
3x Prairie Stream
4x Evolving Wilds
5x Island
7x Plains

The land is well balanced and I almost never have land issues, knock on wood. The evolving wilds help access delirium and to thin out the deck.


1x Declaration in Stone

Declaration in Stone

The fourth to make the play set. If my opponent is indeed running a token strategy or has multiples of the same creature, this comes in.

2x Descend upon the Sinful

Descend upon the Sinful

This card is for dealing with heavy aggro strategies. I can bounce my spirits out of harms way at opponent’s end step, then cast this on my turn to exile their board. This deck quite often has delirium active around turn five, so getting the 4/4 angel is almost always guaranteed.

1x Dispel


Basically just to counter counter spells. Also stops CoCo and kill spells. This comes in against control like decks.

1x Disperse


If I can’t stop a planeswalker from entering at the time, at least I can bounce it with its’ ability on the stack. This is also very good with bouncing my own Stasis Snare if a better target comes along, or bouncing my opponent’s enchantments.

1x Horribly Awry

Horribly Awry

Another creature stopper. Comes in against creature heavy aggro decks. Basically just to counter humans otherwise an alright card for sideboard.

2x Mausoleum Wanderer

Mausoleum Wanderer

Art is sooooo good. Akin to Topplegeist, a one drop for a 1/1 with flying and sweet abilities is amazing. Pairs well with Anafenza to make it a 2/2, also pairs very well with Rattlechains to flash counter things. Swap this in for Topplegeist when against control like decks.

3x Negate


The ultimate card to deal with control like decks. Midrange walker decks, or other control decks. This card stops em all; walkers, enchantments, counters, burn. This card goes the distance.

1x Ojutai’s Command

Ojutai's Command

Bring in this to finish the playset when facing down aggro decks. If you’re bringing in this card you’re probably going to be using it for the counter creature and gain life modes.

2x Selfless Spirit

Selfless Spirit

The final new addition to the list. Flashing this guy in thanks to Rattlechains, then sacrificing it to give your creatures indestructible can make for some really nasty trades to blow out your opponent. One can also use Ojutai’s Command to bring this back from their graveyard to the battlefield. Bring this in for aggro decks for trades, or midrange decks to get in when opponents’ try to wipe your board.

1x Stasis Snare

Stasis Snare

Bring this in against control decks and midrange decks. Some of you are like, “Control decks? What? Why?” Well the reason is that control decks have very little win conditions. Given there aren’t many true to the form control decks out there right now, but slapping this on things like Gitrog Monster, or Dragonlord Ojutai when it attacks, feels really good.

Well that’s the deck. Let me know what you guys think. I’m open to suggestions and discussion! Until next time, stay salty my friends.


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