July 26th 2016 FNM

Long weekend saltlings! Hope everyone is enjoying their monday off! This past friday at Jack’s on Queen, I participated in their standard event. I piloted my Blue/White Spirits to a second place finish! Now, enough of the intro, let’s get to the games!

Round 1; Win in 2 vs Ojutai Good Stuff

Game one was insane, and by that I mean it took 40 minutes. It was ‘land, pass, land, pass, attempt to resolve a spell, counter, land, pass.’ It was insane. Loved my opponent’s deck, it started out spirits, then turned into angels, then turned into emerge creatures. The second game ended a lot quicker in my favor. The definitive MVP of these games was Bygone Bishop. The investigate ability helped me to draw extra cards to out tempo my opponent.

Game 2; Win in 3 vs Orzhov Walkers

Game one was going fast. I was dropping threats and swinging for the hills. I had removal in hand and was pushing down lethal. My opponent casted a Gisela, the Broken Blade, and returned the turn to me. I had a Declaration in Stone in hand and I was going to stone Gisela, but my stupid head was rushing and I attacked before casting the sorcery. So my opponent blocked with the lifelink and took no damage. He then proceeded to drop a Sorin, Gideon, and Liliana. I scooped. I was tilted, super tilted. Game two was better, I didn’t swing into a Gisela and I had all the answers, at one point I cast Epiphany at the Drownyard and revealed four lands. So I managed to dig through a majority of my deck and score the win. The last game was an unfortunate train wreck of land for my opponent. He never managed to accumulate two black sources, and with cards like Liliana, the Last Hope, Murder, and Languish in hand, you kind of need double black. MVP of this game goes to Epiphany at the Drownyard. Without the digging from this card I would have hit a huge land clump and probably lost game two.

Game 3; Win in 2 vs Silumgar Zombies

I have never seen so many zombie tokens on a board than I have in my first game. Oh my word, I got swamped. My opponent was just spewing tokens with Cryptbreaker, and then drawing cards by tapping zombies, it was a literal nightmare. Luckily I was able to fend off the hordes of monsters with the help of Delcaration in Stone. Game two I side boarded in the ultimate zombie sweeper, Descend upon the Sinful. This card deals with the entire board of zombies, as it exiles them so you can’t reanimate them at all. The best part is the Delirium portion of the card, in which I get a 4/4 flying angel. That angel won me game two. I was able to fend off the onslaught of zombies with my spirits as the lone angel took down my opponent. MVP the angel token and the exile effect from Descend upon the Sinful.

Game 4; Loss in 2 vs Elf Collected Company

This was basically me in the final round. Game one I decided to be a little risky and keep a one land hand, now here me out because it was amazing. It was one white source, Topplegiest, Rattlechains, Anticipate, Unsubstantiate, all I needed was a blue source, or another land for that  matter, and I would have been amazing. But alas, it never happened for three turns, and I just scooped. Game two was better, a lot better, except my opponent was able to cast Collected Company on turn three and hit two copies of Sylvan Advocate and it was over pretty quick. MVP for these games were my own stupidity. RIP CoCo. Three more months people!

 In Conclusion

I managed to skate by at 3-1 for this standard event. I think spirits has amazing potential and hopefully will over throw the human overlords. This deck has some serious chops and hopefully it will help me take down Gameday in two weeks. Until next time! Stay salty my friends.

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