January 13th FNM & Aether Revolt Midnight Prerelease

How’s it going my salty sailors? I’ve got a decently long one for y’all today! First I’m going to do a brief review of FNM and then I’ll move on to the more exciting stuff!! Special thanks to the people at Jack’s on Queen for hosting another flawless Prerelease weekend!

Modern FNM

Alright, so once again I decided to compete in my local game shops Friday Night Magic with my trusty Black White Eldrazi home brew. The link to the deck list may be a different variant on the one I used on Friday, as it has been updated with Aether Revolt cards.

Round 1; Loss in 3 vs Merfolk

Now, whenever an event at the store has an odd number of players, if there are two people manning the front desk, one of the employees will play to even out the players. I don’t care what anyone says, this is fantastic. There is nothing more infuriating than waiting an entire week to play magic…only to get a bye. But I digress, I ended up playing the store owner, Kimberley. She was rocking some pretty gnarly fish in her stack. I managed to squeak out game one, but games two and three I couldn’t handle the merfolk. Spreading Seas is the bane of my existence when it gets dropped onto my only white source, or an Eldrazi Temple. On temple it slows me down, but when it’s on my only white source it completely shuts me off of Path to Exile, and Lingering Souls. I just didn’t have enough answers. Spreading Seas MVP!

Round 2; Win in 3 vs Bird Brain

I love this list. Utilizing Brain in a Jar, and fuse cards like Beck/Call to cheat them out super early. Game one I lost…pretty hard. Game two was completely in my favour. I removed one copy of Brain in a Jar, and my opponent never drew another one. Game three went to time. So we proceeded to go into five extra turns. My board state was Thought-Knot Seer, Kozilek, the Great Distortion, and a bunch of scions. My hand consisted of a Wasteland Strangler, and a Reality Smasher. The super aggro part of me thought to slam the Smasher and attack, but I decided to play on the side of caution and cast the Strangler first, which was met with an Ojutai’s Command. After getting the counter spell out of the way I slammed Smasher, proceeded to combat and swung for lethal. Little fun fact, at this point it was turn five of the five turn extension. I was totally shocked I was able to pull it out. Reality Smasher MVP!

Round 3; Loss in 2 vs Kiki-Chord

Something should be said for a deck like this. It’s basically Splinter Twin but a turn later. Utilizing the combo of Restoration Angel and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Licker to go infinite with hasted 3/4 fliers. Decks with zero interaction like this one here is the reason I get salty about magic. Literally play a dork on turn one, play a dork on turn two, play a dork on turn three, flash in Resto on turn four, and then win on turn five with Kiki. People complain about how dredge is toxic, nah mate, this infinite 3/4s is toxic. Kiki-Jiki MVP!

Round 4; Loss in 2 vs Infect

Man this was not my night. Game one I narrowly lost, after my opponent managed to get out a Blighted Agent, and I had no removal for it at all. Game two was insane. Turn two my opponent animated an Inkmoth Nexus and hit me for one point of infect. I hit my opponent with Lost Legacy removing all copies of Blighted Agent from his library. Little did I know I was about to get OTK’d on turn three. My opponent had a copy of Inkmoth Nexus, and a forest in play. He played a second Inkmoth from his hand and tapped it to animate the original. He cast Groundswell on his Inkmoth, as well as two copies of Mutagenic Growth, for a total of nine points of infect. I was in shock, and a wee bit of awe as my opponent even appeared to be shocked at the disgustingly good hand he had gotten. Double Mutagenic Growth MVP!


From going undefeated last FNM to 1-3 this one, not my night at all! How far the mighty have fallen… RIP me…

Aether Revolt Midnight Prerelease

It’s that special time of year again, Magic Christmas! I’ve been out of the standard game for a while but checking out some of the spoilers for this set I think it might just me back into it. So MY POOL was pretty deep, I ended up building a killer black/white artifact list, and a super hard hitting green/red energy list. As prerelease is always just for fun, I swapped decks between games

B/W Artifact

1x Aether Inspector
1x Aether Poisoner
2x Cruel Finality
1x Defiant Salvager
1x Grindstone (Yes, the masterpiece)
1x Hidden Stockpile
1x Implement of Improvement
1x Implement of Malice
1x Kambal, Consul of Allocation
1x Lawless Broker
2x Night Market Aeronaut
1x Propeller Pioneer
2x Renegade’s Getaway
1x Restoration Gearsmith
1x Scrap Trawler
1x Sky Skiff
1x Sram’s Expertise
1x Tasseled Dromedary
1x Yahenni’s Expertise
1x Yahenni, Undying Partisan
10x Swamp
7x Plains

G/R Energy

1x Aether Chaser
1x Aether Herder
1x Aetherwind Basker
1x Attune with Aether
1x Bomat Courier
1x Consulate Turret
1x Giant Spectacle
1x Grindstone (Yes, the one from earlier)
1x Hidden Herbalists
2x Highspire Infusion
1x Implement of Ferocity
1x Peema Aether-Seer
1x Reckless Racer
1x Renegade Tactics
1x Ruinous Gremlin
1x Scrapper Champion
1x Silkweaver Elite
1x Sweatworks Brawler
1x Thriving Grubs
1x Unbridled Growth
1x Wild Wanderer
1x Woodweaver’s Puzzleknot
10x Forest
7x Mountain

The Games

Man do I love sealed events, especially when R & D did a good job at diversifying the sealed colour pie. I remember back to my first Grand Prix, Montreal, and it was sealed, Fate Reforged sealed. Long story short, if you didn’t get a dragon you basically just lost. I successfully went 3-1 in our little four round event. All of my round wins were in two, and my one loss was in three. Unfortunately for myself, I came fifth, and prizing only went to fourth. BUT participacks are the bomb and I was able to get my salty little mitts on two copies of Fatal Push for my modern deck, so that’s pretty sweet. I also managed to claw together the makings of my new standard deck, R/G Energy!

I bid you all a fond farewell, and remember, stay salty my friends!







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