February 17th FNM & Special Planeswalker Profile

Salty's Back... Hasn't he used that title before on another blog post? Yea...but it fit...so get over it. AFTER A LONG AND ARDUOUS CONTEMPLATION, I DECIDED TO GIVE STANDARD A TRY. I thought long and hard about what decks are at my LGS Jack's On Queen, and I decided on running a Green/Blue Energy list.... Continue Reading →


January 27th FNM & Snow-Mentals Deck Tech

Modern FNM Ollo Motto! I know right, how late can this possibly be? Well life gets busy so y'all have to suck it up! Last Friday was the weekly party night at Jack's on Queen. As Aether Revolt was still fresh in everyone's minds, Jack's decided to host draft and modern side by side. Being... Continue Reading →

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