Spirit Control Deck Tech

Hello saltlings! I was unable to attend my weekly FNM at Jack’s on Queen due to work constraints, so instead I’m going to do a short standard deck tech!

Last weekend I Head Judged a GPT for Montreal at Jack’s on Queen. I had the opportunity and privilege to watch local competitors go head to head with a variety of decks. Sure there were a few copies of Mardu Vehicles, but the list that stood out was the opposite of Vehicles. Vehicles is a list that is almost all creatures, with removal splashed in. The list I had my eye on was a combination of blue and white, and the only creature in the list was a three of Sphinx of the Final Word.

Sphinx of the Final Word

I watched this bird/man/lion close out games pretty convincingly once it hit the board on turn seven. My only quam with the list was that it didn’t manage to close out the game on a regular basis. One game I saw the pilot had played a Sphinx early on but it was cleared out via board wipe. However, once the first one was gone, the bottom two were in the last seven cards of his library. I felt deep down that this player was onto something, so I took a play from his book but decided to lower the creature curve a little.

Azorius Spirit Control

So in order to close out the game a little bit faster than the Sphinx counter part, I opted to go with smaller flash induced spirits.

Mausoleum Wanderer

The first of these ghostly goobers is Mausoleum Wanderer. This Cursecatcher type spirit is a little upgrade than its’ fishy counterpart. Not only does the wanderer have flying, it also had a triggered ability. Whenever another Spirit enters the battlefield under your control, Mausoleum Wanderer gets +1/+1 until end of turn. The activated ability counters an instant or sorcery unless the spell’s controller pays x, where x is the Wanderer’s power.


The second and one of the most useful Spirits in the deck. Rattlechains‘ enter the battlefield ability gives another Spirit hexproof. It also gives all of my Spirits flash, which is so good when attempting to counter things with Wanderer, or stopping board wipes with the help of our next Spirit.

Selfless Spirit

This little nugget is pretty good when it comes to chump blocking, as well as preventing board wipes from taking you out of the game. Selfless Spirit can be flashed in with Rattlechains in order to perform some pretty sneaky counter plays.

Spell Queller

Probably the best spirit ever printed, Spell Queller is the best at flashing in at the right time and taking your opponents’ Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. Spell Queller eats everything that is relevant in the current standard meta right now so it’s definitely a solid pick up.

DisallowHorribly AwryVoid Shatter

The counters in this deck are quite nice. I’m a huge fan of Horribly Awry as it deals with a majority of the prime threats in standard at the current moment. Anything that doesn’t get picked off by the above counter spells will be stopped by Negate.

Blessed AllianceImmolating GlareStasis Snare

Counter spells are blue, removal is white. Using Stasis Snare and Immolating Glare as targeted spot removal and Blessed Alliance as a shortcut around indestructible or hexproof creatures, this deck is pretty effective at removing threats. I’m still toying with the idea of Declaration in Stone, let me know what you think in the comment section below!

AnticipateGlimmer of GeniusBlighted Cataract

We need to dig for the answers. I’m using the typical Anticipate and Glimmer of Genius as card draw engines. I decided to run two copies of Blighted Cataract as additional card draw engines later in the game.

Well that’s all she wrote folks! Until next time, enjoy some Modern Masters 2017, and stay salty my friends.

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