April 7th FNM

Hello once again everyone! It’s everyone’s favourite day of the week, it’s Friday! What does Friday mean for us? Well it means venturing to Elmvale to Jack’s on Queen and playing some Magic. We’ve had our fill of playing Ad Nauseam for the past couple of weeks, and I wanted to show off my foil Cavern of Souls so we blew the dust off of the old Orzhov Eldrazi list. The only real big change of note is that I upped the number of Leyline of Sanctity in the sideboard up from one copy to three, let’s get to it!

Round 1; Loss in 2 vs Boros Angels

 Isn’t that the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life? Well it was for me when my opponent managed to cast a copy of Bruna, the Fading Light, thus reanimating his Gisela, the Broken Blade, and upon his end step melding the two angels together to create Brisela, Voice of Nightmares. Now the issue with Brisela is that once you’ve got her out, your opponent can’t cast spells with CMC three or less, and in modern, that is all of my removal. My opponent was using a relatively unknown card to get some of his angels out early and swinging. Generator Servant is a card I’ve only ever seen played in modern once, and it was the same guy playing it, but instead of angel tribal it was dragons. Regardless, game two I got mowed down by a choir of Archangel of Tithes.

Round 2; Win in 2 vs Bogles

Image result for inquisition of kozilek art Quick, when do bogles not have hexproof? When you pick them from your opponent’s hand of course. Game one my opponent drew into a lone Kor Spiritdancer which I dispatched quickly with a Fatal Push. I then drew into a copy of Blight Herder which I slammed and managed to process to generate some 1/1 scions. At this point my opponent had a Slippery Bogle enchanted with two copies of Ethereal Armour, and one copy of Favor of the Overbeing. I mega clutched Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger off of the top and exiled both Ethereal Armours, bringing the bogle from a 9/9 to a measly 3/3 with flying and vigilance. I managed to make it to my next turn and using the ability on Vault of the Archangel giving both Ulamog and my Blight Herder lifelink and deathtouch, which allowed me to stabilize and my opponent scooped. Game two I cast Devour Flesh making my opponent sacrifice his enchanted creature Gladecover Scout, and then casting Surgical Extraction to get rid of them all. I eventually managed to stick two copies of Reality Smasher and beat some mad face.

Round 3; Win in 3 vs Mardu Burn

Image result for leyline of sanctity art

It’s my boy playing the Mardu Burn again! Game one my opponent slapped me with a good old Bump in the Night flashback! Awe man I had literally just stuck my copy of Vault of the Archangel and was going to go off, but alas it wasn’t in the cards. I immediately knew what I needed to bring in from the sideboard, Leyline of Sanctity! Game two saw me mulligan to four, the hand I decided to keep was two Inquisition of Kozilek, a Ghost Quarter, and one copy of Leyline. Once I dropped Leyline my opponent didn’t play anything but lands for about five or six turns, which enabled me to pick his hand apart with the two Inquisitions. I actually drew into a second copy of GQ before any other land, so I had to use one to target the other and get a black source. Game three saw drop to eight life before casting Leyline. My only real worry at this point was an unknown number of Deflecting Palm, as all it would have taken was back to back Deflections as all I had was one Reality Smasher and copy of Thought-Knot Seer. I managed to swing one creature at a time until I had taken the game.


We went 2-1 in our eight player tournament, and managed to take second place. My sideboard cards really showed up when I needed them to tonight, and I treated the list by upgrading a Concealed Courtyard to foil.

As more and more cards for Amonkhet come out I am more and more interested to see where they take it. As it gets closer to release date, I will do a rare card review. Until next time, stay salty mine frands.

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