Dec. 5th Standard Showdown & Naming Poll

Hola amigos! I hope everyone is well and everyone is keeping warm! As Christmas approaches I find myself craving two things, egg nog, and MTG. Just as an aside, I always crave MTG.

This past Tuesday I attended the Standard Showdown at Jack’s on Queen, and sported my fully furnished Ramunap Thicc list. This week I put in my second copy of Chandra, Torch of Defiance, finished the playset of Soul-Scar Mage, and moved two copies of Scavenger Grounds from sideboard to mainboard. I think the deck is in the best state it is going to be until Rivals of Ixalan drops on January 19th, 2018.

Round 1; Win in 2 vs G/W Cats

I’m going to begin this portion by mentioning that my opponent wasn’t you typical player you’d see at a Magic event. What I mean by that is that the gentleman sitting across the table from myself was six years of age. He was rocking a spicy green and white cat tribal list and he piloted the list like a boss. Game one was a wee bit dicey for the both of us as my opponent had lack of land troubles, but I had too many. My lone Bomat Courier and his lone Sacred Cat traded blow for blow. I’d chip him for one with my Courier, he would chip me for one with the Cat. This inevitably ended poorly for my opponent once the little Courier that could attacked for the seventh time and I just chucked him to the bin and reaped the rewards of his efforts. Glorybringer came down the following turn and brought me glory in the form of game one. Hitting my sideboard I grabbed all three copies of Rampaging Ferocidon and threw them in the list. Game two my opponent played two copies of Dowsing Dagger and unfortunately did not have any creatures to equip them to, but when he finally did it was too little too late as the 0/1 plant tokens gifted to me by the daggers gave me blockers so I could swing with my team and secure the win. I am super impressed with the level of play this young man displayed. I hope his love for the game stays strong, because if it does, we might have ourselves a Pro Tour competitor.

Round 2; Win in 2 vs Jeskai Tokens

I really enjoyed the look of my opponent’s list. It made use of big embalm and eternalize creatures like Champion of Wits, and Angel of Sanctions and doubled the madness with Anointed Procession. Game one I experienced the same issue I did in round one game one, lack of land. I was sitting on two land until turn five, but I guess my opponent was having bad draws as well. The second I hit my third land I began jamming threat after threat, and the beats just kept on coming. In terms of sideboarding I brought in my third copy of Scavenger Grounds, three copies of Magma Spray, and two copies of Harsh Mentor. Now you probably didn’t put on the flub in the sideboard strategy, I didn’t either until I told my opponent after the game what I brought in. My opponent so eloquently pointed out that Harsh Mentor’s trigger has to see the activation on the battlefield, so creature abilities in graveyard, like embalm and eternalize, would not trigger the shock. But I digress, game two saw my exile graveyards twice with the help of the Scavenger Grounds, I also managed to get Chandra to ultimate, netting my a fancy emblem, and aiding in nuking my opponent to high heaven. I was a big fan of this list, and I enjoyed the interaction between Anointed Procession and the creature in the graveyard stuffs. His list was Jeskai as he was running copies of Earthshaker Khenra, we are going to work on this list ourselves and see if we can’t come up with a spicy blue white list of our own.


That’s it for this week, another flawless Standard Showdown. I challenge anyone reading to come out to Jack’s on Queen on a Tuesday night and take me on! Winners get a special prize! (Yet to be determined).

Who Are You?

So I’ve received some criticism of the name I have dubbed you, the reader. So for your convenience please select one of the following titles below to be bestowed upon you fantastic people.

Until next time, stay salty my friends.

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