Dominaria Store Championship

Hello once again saltines and saltettes! I hope all is well! I know I have been away for a while, and I do apologize! I picked up a second job and unfortunately it takes up the Fridays that I would normally have off. That being said, I will still post random stuff as often as possible.

So on June 23rd, 2018, Jack’s on Queen hosted the Dominaria Store Championship! As Canadian Nationals is taking place on June 30th I needed some practice. I’ve been putting together this G/R Monsters list for a while now and I am quite impressed with how it plays. Let’s get it on!

Before we get started I just wanted to give a shout out to my LGS Jack’s on Queen. They are a corner stone of the MTG community in the area as well as being great people. Warhammer, Dragon Ball TCG, and not to mention Magic, they’ve got it all.

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Round 1; Win in 2 vs U/W Approach

Round 1 UW Approach

I just want to start by paying mad respect to Noah Bradley and his artwork. So my first opponent was fairly new to the standard scene and was playing the out of the box ‘Second Sun Control’ challenger deck. Which oddly enough is basically impossible to sideboard against barring counterspells. So what’s my plan for taking down a deck whose only win condition is Approach of the Second Sun? Apply so much pressure that they are too busy casting disruption spells and not their win con. Game one my opponent ran into some trouble by only hitting four land, but game two they put up more of a fight. Game two was full of Cast Outs and Aether Meltdowns as my opponent was able to cross over the four land hump. My opponent was able to cast Approach on his turn seven, but he was already staring down much more than lethal with a Glorybringer and Carnage Tyrant on the field, backed up with another hastey dragon in my mitt. Twas a good thing I killed him then and there, as after we shook hands my opponent revealed that he had the second copy of Approach in hand. GGs!

Round 2; Loss in 3 vs R/B Aggro

Round 2.jpg

Yikes. So these mono-red or red/black aggro decks have been running standard ever since Dominaria dropped. Two words…. Goblin…. Chainwhirler. So this was the match-up that I really needed to practice. My sideboard is running three copies of Chandra’s Defeat and three copies of Deathgorge Scavenger, to specifically deal with the extra aggression of these hyper quick red decks. So game one it was super back and forth. My opponent had taken me to two, and I sat there for like three turns as I held off an army of wheenies, chipping his life total down. I faded three draw steps and managed to take game one. Game two my opponent got out to a blistering start but I was able to polish off a lot of his creatures with various burn spells. Highlight of all three games was when I hit my opponent’s Chandra, Torch of Defiance with Chandra’s Defeat. Even though I stabilized at four life, my opponent had Hazoret the Fervent and two cards in his hand. Game three was a big oof. I decided to take a mulligan to six and kept a hand consisting of Forest, Mountain, Abrade, Thrashing Brontodon, Rekindling Phoenix, and Chandra. I used my scry to bury a copy of Glorybringer. I managed to draw a third land but it was a second mountain. I was able to finally draw a green source, however it was a copy of Sheltered Thicket, and I drew it on turn five, so I didn’t untap with it until turn six. He just punched right through the Phoenix and finished me pretty hard. Geegees.


Round 3; Win in 3 vs G/W Legends

Round 3.jpg

With Dominaria bringing us an astonishing 43 new legendary permanents, there was bound to be a deck that utilized some of them. Two of such legends are Shalai, Voice of Plenty and Lyra Dawnbringer, both of which play huge roles in this deck. Game one saw me take a mulligan to five, and it didn’t get any better when my opponent stuck Lyra on turn five. Game two was much closer contest as we traded exile enchantment for burn spell, but after the game going long, and the straight staying power of Rekindling Phoenix, I managed to swing it! Game three my opponent had to mulligan to five, that being said he put up a fantastic fight. He managed to stick a Lyra on turn five, thus quelling any attacks with my four toughness creatures. But after multiple turns of me establishing a massive board state to ensure I had the win, I eventually took lethal. I also missed lethal really early on in this game because my opponent played Ajani Unyielding and I panicked. Good games sir.


After this grueling three round event I finished in second place with a record of 2-1. I really enjoy how the deck plays and I feel that it will be well suited to deal with any of the red decks that I will be sure to encounter this incoming weekend.

I’ll be sure to write a big post about this weekend so stay tuned!

Until next time, stay salty my friends.


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