Standard BB; B/G Aristocrat

Standard BB; B/G Aristocrat

Well hello there world! I have returned with my first Budget Brewhouse since January! As one can read in the title, this brew will be for standard. B/G Aristocrats used to run rampant in the DTK/BFZ standard meta game, but lately it has fallen from its’ former high horse. I intend to bring it back utilizing some of the new cards from Amonket. This deck was actually one I considered building prior to building my current Sultai Marvel list. I priced the main board of this to be just below $50 CND, and the sideboard to be about $14.

4x Blisterpod & 4x Carrier Thrall
BlisterpodCarrier Thrall

Both of these Battle for Zendikar creatures are essential for any Aristocrat based list. These here are what we like to call ‘cannon fodder’. These are the types of creatures that you will be sacrificing to activate your various abilities, or throwing in the way of a rampaging eldrazi titan. Not only these guys, but the wee scions they spit out can either be used for mana, or abilities like their parents.

4x Zulaport Cutthroat & 4x Catacomb Sifter
Zulaport CutthroatCatacomb Sifter

These here are what we call ‘pay-off creatures’. These are the cards we need in order for our cannon fodder to be useful. Everyone knows what Zulaport Cutthroat does, the card is bonkers and it drains whenever something you control bites it. This card is especially spicy in multiple copies or if your opponent decides to board wipe. The same applies for Catacomb Sifter. This slinky little eldrazi brings along a friend which can be used as cannon fodder. He has the cool ability that whenever another creature you control dies, you get to scry. Both of these BFZ uncommons were complete all stars in the original aristocrats list, so of course they would be making a comeback.

3x Bone Picker & 3x Bontu the Glorified
Bone PickerBontu the Glorified

Welcome to the new school of ‘pay-off creatures’. These new Amonkhet beaters can huge boons once a creature you control dies. Let’s start with Bone Picker, when this card got spoiled quite a few of the pros were calling it the ‘black Delver’ in reference to the one drop blue creature Delver of Secrets. What Delver does is flip to become a three power/two toughness flier, and Bone Picker is essentially that. In a list like ours, creatures are constantly dying and we can use that to our advantage by dropping this dude for a single black. Now for the god of ambition, Bontu is one brutal chick. A three mana four power/six toughness with menace and indestructible. She has a couple lines of text that disable her from attacking or blocking unless a creature we control died this turn. That would be a pain in the rump for most decks, but in ours it should not be a problem. Especially because she has an ability that allows us to sacrifice a creature, drain our opponent, and then enable her to attack or block.

4x Duskwatch Recruiter
Duskwatch RecruiterKrallenhorde Howler

The lone werewolf in the deck is our utility creature. This is our main source of creature draw. A two mana two power/two toughness creature which we can pay three look at three cards from the top of our library and put one into our hand. This our mana sink, and when he flips he reduces the cost of our other creatures. We don’t really want to see the werewolf side of this guy, so we will try our best to cast at least one spell each turn in order to constantly utilize the human side’s ability.

2x Vampiric Rites & 4x Altar’s Reap
Vampiric RitesAltar's Reap

These are our draw spells. Sure they require you to sacrifice a creature but isn’t that the whole point of the deck? Vampiric Rites nets you one card and one life for each creature sacrificed, while Altar’s Reap is a two mana instant speed; draw two cards. Both of these will help feed the mitt once it needs replenishing.

3x Bone Splinters & 3x Never // Return
Bone SplintersNever // Return

What’s a good black deck without a few kill spells eh? Arguably the best spot removal in standard right now is Fatal Push but with copies pushing fifteen dollars Canadian, they have no place in a budget list. Instead to settled on a sorcery speed, Zulaport Cutthroat activating Bone Splinters. Our other source of spot removal is Never. This new Amonkhet rare not only deals with creatures, but punishes those pesky planeswalkers as well. Return, the aftermath of Never, is useful for exiling something like Scrapheap Scrounger and even graveyard recurring zombies, while giving a zombie of our own to use as fodder.

2x Spawning Bed & 3x Westvale Abbey
Spawning BedWestvale AbbeyOrmendahl, Profane Prince

The almighty token generating lands. Spawning Bed and Westvale Abbey have the not so unique ability of generating fodder for us to sacrifice. However, Westvale Abbey gives us a whopping second win condition in the form of Ormendahl. He is one heck of a beater when push comes to shove and he can quickly finish a game once you’ve already brought your opponent low from Cutthroat triggers.

2x Blighted Fen & 4x Evolving Wilds
Blighted FenEvolving Wilds

Now I bet some of you are asking, “But Brad, what happens if my opponent is playing Marvel and they have an Ulamog on board?” Well I say you respond with the following three words…”sac it nerd!” Blighted Fen is our secret removal spell for single creature like decks. Things like Ulamog, and even an attacking Gideon can be removed by cracking the ability on Blighted Fen. I don’t really have to explain Evolving Wilds do I? Bruh..

6x Forest & 5x Swamp
Image result for full art forest amonkhetImage result for full art swamp amonkhet

I am not explaining the card selection here…

SB –
3x Manglehorn – Is there a better answer to Marvel?
2x Prowling Serpopard – What’s a counterspell to a cat snake?
2x Blossoming Defense – What is powercreep anyways? *cough* Ranger’s Guile
3x Natural StateAlways Watching? k thx byeee
2x Scarab Feast – More fodder, less zombies.

So there you have it, your very own budget B/G Aristocrat list. Feel free to give a go online and comment how it went!

Until next time spell slingers, stay salty.


January 27th FNM & Snow-Mentals Deck Tech

Modern FNM

Ollo Motto! I know right, how late can this possibly be? Well life gets busy so y’all have to suck it up! Last Friday was the weekly party night at Jack’s on Queen. As Aether Revolt was still fresh in everyone’s minds, Jack’s decided to host draft and modern side by side. Being the struggling student that I am I entered the modern event with my B/W Eldrazi list, newly outfitted with Fatal Push from the latest set Aether Revolt!

Fatal Push

Round 1; Draw in 3 vs Wall Worship

This deck is hilarious. Not only is it mono defenders, it generates a massive amount of mana. The deck utilizes cards like Axebane Guardian and Overgrown Battlement to generate stupid amounts of mana and finishes with cards like Banefire and Debt to the Deathless. Game one I was stalled with a myriad of walls until Banefire finished me off. Game two was much more in my favour. I brought in Warping Wail to counter things like Debt and exile all the 0/5 walls. As we finished game two we five turns was sounded and as per the rules it was a draw! I couldn’t figure out any better way to play against this deck. Time MVP!!!

Round 2; Win in 2 vs 4-Colour Gifts

So for those of you that don’t know how this deck works, it uses Gifts Ungiven to fetch out two cards; Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite and Unburial Rites. Good thing for me is that my deck runs a playset of the fantastic card Relic of Progenitus. The second I dropped it on turn one my opponent let out a sigh. Both games ended pretty convincingly after I picked my opponent’s hand clean and exiled their graveyard. Relic of Progenitus MVP!!

Round 3; Win in 2 vs G/W Hoomans

The probably with running a wheeny deck, is balancing the wheenies and the land. During game one my opponent had to mulligan to five, not only was it a hard mulligan, my opponent kept a two land hand and never drew a third land. Game two rolls around and my opponent had to mulligan to six, but this time he got flooded. Fatal Push was really handy in clearing out the small little two drop wheeny creatures. Mulligan MVP!!!


We came first you salty buggers! 2-0-1 managed to take the night! I am very happy with the addition of Fatal Push in the deck and it allows me to deal with little things like Dark Confidant, that I don’t want to Dismember.


So since the above post was awfully short, I wanted to do something a little different. Back in the day when I first began my adventures into the modern format I came up with a gimmick. This gimmick won me a couple games at a Face to Face Open, formerly known as an MDSS. What is this gimmick you might ask? Well I’m going to let you in on a little secret, it involves a little trick I like to call swing’n’fling.

Nova Chaser        +         Fling

So I used to play this combo in modern, but felt it was somewhat lacking. While I was at a recent Face to Face Open and it hit me, as my opponent sat across from me and played their first land for turn I knew what was missing….SNOW MOUNTAINS…

Snow-Covered Mountain

Utilizing things like Skred, to remove blockers and Scrying Sheets to prevent the constant top decking of land, this deck has become a viable threat.

The Enablers

4x Flamekin Harbinger; is a key component to the combo. Slamming this guy on turn one can aid you in ensuring you grab another crucial combo piece, or even just a hastey beater to finish the game.

Flamekin Harbinger

4x Incandescent Soulstoke; is another vital piece of the deck. Not only does this act as a lord, pumping all the creatures in the deck, but it has an activated ability which allows you to play an elemental from your hand, it gains haste, and you have to sacrifice it at the beginning of the next end step. What’s cool about this is you can activate it at any time, so turning this guy sideways and dropping a Ball Lightning on your opponent’s turn to brick wall an attack from say, Tasigur the Golden Fang, feels pretty good.

Incandescent Soulstoke

4x Simian Spirit Guide; pretty self explanatory, it’s a free mana…

Simian Spirit Guide

The Beaters

3x Ball Lightning; not only does this monster of a 6/1 have haste, but he has trample as well. With the ‘sacrifice at the beginning of the next end step clause’ it will sometimes cause your opponent’s to second guess blocking it.

Ball Lightning

4x Hellspark Elemental; a much smaller Ball Lightning, but with the threat of Unearth. This card has synergies with our draw spell Faithless Looting.

Hellspark Elemental

2x Mindsparker; this is a good card to stick against control based strategies. Making your opponent’s counter spells shock them is pretty good, as well as it is a three mana 3/2 with first strike.


3x Nova Chaser; oh baby. One part of the swing’n’fling combo. This 10/2 trampling monster is a huge threat, especially when given haste thanks to our trusty Incandescent Soulstoke. Once swung, or blocked, it can be flung to slam your opponent for ten points of face damage.

Nova Chaser

Instants & Sorceries

4x Lightning Bolt; pretty sure I don’t have to explain this one. I’m playing red, I’m playing bolt.

Lightning Bolt

4x Skred; the main reason I’m running snow lands. I thought the original deck could play this premium blocker spot removal.


3x Fling; because nothing feels better than flinging a Nova Chaser.


3x Faithless Looting; going to use this to make sure I have enough gas and not too many lands, or vice versa. Also ditching Hellspark Elemental is fine.

Faithless Looting

2x Rift Bolt; this is kinda like playing a Doomsayer. It is mainly a deterrent for your opponent to play any creatures on their turn as at your upkeep you bolt something.

Rift Bolt

The Land

2x Scrying Sheets; only running two of these bad boys. Not running many lands, therefore I need access to red land. But with this it will hopefully stop the dead draws of just lands.

Scrying Sheets

18x Snow-Covered Mountain; DO NOT MAKE ME EXPLAIN THIS…

Snow-Covered Mountain


I hope to have this deck done sooner or later. I’ve got a solid base of all the meat of the cards, but I’m still trying to scrounge together the remaining Snow-Covered Mountains I require for the list, as well as Simian Spirit Guides. All in all I’ve played this deck online with varied results, but I just love playing it. Seeing people freak out online when I OTK (one turn kill) on turn four is hilarious. Have a Soulstoke, activate it, drop Nova Chaser, “Sure, I’ll take 10”, then post combat proceed to Fling it at my opponent, feels really good.

I’m still trying to put together a sideboard so if you guys have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment and I will see that it is addressed.

Until next time, stay salty my friends.









MTG Discount Brewhouse Episode 2

What’s happening saltlings? Got another budget brew for you guys, fresh from the mind of Mr. Nathon Cook. Let us see what he has for us this week!


Black/White Rally


4 x Sin Collector                  0.50 x 4 = 2.00

4 x Zulaport Cutthroat       1.50 x 4 = 6.00

4 x Bloodthrone Vampire 0.25 x 4 = 1.00

3 x Viscera Seer                     0.50 x 3 = 1.50

4 x Doomed Traveler           0.15 x 4 = 0.60

3 x Blood Artist                     5.50 x 3 = 16.50

2 x Dark Prophecy                0.50 x 2 = 1.00

3 x Rally the Ancestors       2.50 x 3 = 7.50

2 x Genesis Chamber          3.50 x 2 = 7.50

3 x Brain Maggot                 0.25 x 3 = 0.75

1 x Cliffhaven Vampire     0.35 x 1 = 0.35

2 x Sifter of Skulls              0.50 x 2 = 1.00

4 x Deathgreeter                 0.50 x 4 = 1.00

4 x Isolated Chapel            3.50 x 4 = 14.00

4 x Caves of Koilos             3.00 x 4 = 12.00

7 x Swamp                             0.00 x 7 = 0.00

6 x Plains                               0.00 x 6 = 0.00

TOTAL: $73.35



2 x Duress                              0.25 x 2 = 0.50

2 x Bile Blight                       1.00 x 2 = 2.00

2 x Sanguine Bond              3.00 x 2 = 6.00

2 x Crypt Incursion             0.35 x 2 = 0.70

3 x Contaminated Ground 0.15 x 3 = 0.45

3 x High Priest of Penance 1.00 x 3 = 3.00

1 x Cliffhaven Vampire       0.35 x 1 = 0.35

TOTAL: $13.06



So deck number two is a take on a standard classic, with a little rally love in with a splash of modern goodness. The plan is use Blood Artist and Cutthroat to bleed your opponent dry while getting value out of some mediocre creatures. Brain Maggot and Sin collector can help to protect your combo; Dark Prohecy, Sifter of Skulls and Genesis Chamber give your creatures double the values when they enter or leave the battlefield. Your sac outlets, Viscera Seer can filter your draws early or Bloodthrone can swing in for huge amounts of damage very quickly.

In the sideboard you can side in Sanguine Bond and Crypt Incursion to take your opponent out with a single huge bleed out as well as use Cliffhaven to add extra damage. In a slower matchup Duress and Contaminated Ground can take your opponent off of their game plan.

MTG Discount Brewhouse Episode 1

Fellow nerds! Today I bring you a special post unlike anything I’ve ever posted about. A good friend of mine by the name of Nathon Cook is an expert in the art of budget MTG deck building, check it out.

MTG Discount Brewhouse

So to keep this short this is what this whole thing is about, modern and standard Magic: The Gathering is expensive if you go by the top tier decks. Often, these decks are so expensive that the bar of entry is beyond what a casual player interested in trying a format can acheive.So my goal is to build deck lists for modern and standard formats to start with that will cost around 100$ CAN that you can take to your local event and do reasonably well. These decks probably won’t take down a GPs or any big events but you could reasonably expect to do ok at your FNM and take down a few games at other events. So next time your local store has an event in a format that you don’t have a deck for and you don’t want to shell out 2500$+ for the last pro tour winning deck, I may have a list for you that won’t break the bank but may break you into prizes.


Mono-Red Giblins


3 x Krenko, Mob Boss                    6.50 x 3= 19.50
4 x Young Pyromancer                  3.25 x 4= 13.00
4 x Krenko’s Command                0.25 x 4= 1.00
3 x Dragon Fodder                          0.25 x 4= 1.00
4 x Hordeling Outburst                 1.00 x 4= 4.00
4 x Lightning Bolt                          2.78 x 4= 11.12
4 x Battle Hymn                              0.25 x 4= 1.00
4 x Goblin Chieftain                        5.57 x 4= 22.28
2 x Commune with Lava                0.50 x 2= 1.00
3 x Purphoros, God of the Forge  10.00 x 3= 30.00
2 x Magmatic Insight                      1.00 x 2= 2.00
2 x Impact Tremors                       0.25 x 2= 0.50
1 x Tormenting Voice                      0.15 x 1= 0.15
20 x Mountain                             20 x 0.00=0.00

TOTAL: 106.55$


2 x Crumble to Dust                      1.00 x 2= 2.00
2 x Goblin Grenade                        1.00 x 2= 2.00
2 x Massive Raid                             0.15 x 2= 0.30
2 x Smelt                                          0.15 x 2= 0.30
2 x Banefire                                     1.50 x 2= 3.00
1 x Outpost Seige                            1.00 x 1= 1.00
1 x Hall of Triumph                       0.75 x 1= 0.75
1 x Pyromancers Goggles             2.78 x 1= 2.78
2 x Legion Loyalist                         4.18 x 2= 8.36

TOTAL: 20.49$

                            GRAND TOTAL 127.04

So this deck is pretty straight forward, make a bunch of goblin tokens and abuse them. The main plan is to have the Purphoros + Krenko combo going to cause a bunch of damage without attacking, impact tremors acts as additional Purphoros. This deck has the added benefit that it has a very good creature to cards used ratio, so expedite the making a bunch of dudes plan. Battle hymn is really the all star of the deck as it generates absurd amounts of mana that can be used for Purphors’s pump ability when trying to get through on the ground or when combined with commune with lava you can have access to enough cards to solve any board stall. Magmatic Insight and Tormenting Voice is great for avoiding excessive land and drawing into gas when you need it.

In terms of sideboard tech they are all fairly self explanatory the main ones to catch people with are Massive Raid if they board in Ensnaring Bridge or are not keeping your board in check. Outpost Seige if you need a little extra card draw or are using sweepers, Hall of Triumph can push your elemental from Pyromancer if you want to go the aggro rout. Finally the nail in the coffin for token decks is Legion Loyalist or if they are on a heavy blocker stratagy its trample granting ability can push through those final few points.

Also side note all the prices i list will come from Face To Face Games