A ‘Spectacular’ Deck-Tech

What's up you salty monsters?? I hope you are all well! After my impromptu sabbatical, I'm back with a standard deck tech! With War of the Spark fresh off of the presses, I feel like the standard meta will slow to a grinding halt. War brought us 37 brand new planeswalkers, lots of spicy planeswalkers.... Continue Reading →

FNM Report; October 12th 2018 & Undergrowth Deck Tech.

Hey...is this thing on? How's it going saltines?? I hope you all have been fantastic and that life has been treating you well. It has been a while since our last chat, and quite a few things have changed in the world of Magic. Since we last spoke we saw the release of M19, the... Continue Reading →

FNM Report; Feb. 16th 2018

Woah what is this? I'm actually writing another blog so soon to my last one? I'm going to be bringing more great content to you guys as to keep y'all entertained! This past Friday night I made my way to Jack's on Queen to participate in Friday Night Magic! Upon arrival I was torn between participating... Continue Reading →

Nov. 21st Standard Showdown

How's it going saltines? I hope all is well with you wicked spell slingers, and thank you for coming back for another round! Work is still consuming my Friday nights so I have been relegated to Tuesday night Standard Showdowns. I don't care how I get my cardboard crack fix, as long as I get... Continue Reading →

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