Aetherworks What?

Hello once again my fellow spell slingers. It is I, the Salt Shaker Supreme, and I have returned from my writing hiatus with something a little different. I have not been to FNM in quite some time and since Pro Tour Amonkhet is in our rear views I thought it was be fun to take... Continue Reading →

Spirit Control Deck Tech

Hello saltlings! I was unable to attend my weekly FNM at Jack's on Queen due to work constraints, so instead I'm going to do a short standard deck tech! Last weekend I Head Judged a GPT for Montreal at Jack's on Queen. I had the opportunity and privilege to watch local competitors go head to... Continue Reading →

March 10th FNM & The WotC Bans

Modern Tho... That special time of the week again! Driving out to Elmvale on a magical Friday night to jam some cardboard crack with my friends! This week I had something a little special in place for the folks at Jack's on Queen. For the past month or so I've been ranting and raving over... Continue Reading →

Modern Masters 2017

What Masters? If you've been living under a rock for the past couple weeks then let me fill you in on a little something.... WIZARDS OF THE COAST HAS LOST THEIR MINDS. A month and a bit after WotC denounced Modern as a format, they produce the greatest money machine of all time. Modern Masters... Continue Reading →

U/W Spirits Deck Tech

Heyo saltlings, it's another weekend so that means it's time for the salt. Sad to say, not much today as FNM was draft and I didn't draft! The FNM sanctioned events this week at Jack's on Queen were posted as Eldritch Moon Draft and Modern Constructed. I signed up for modern but all the other... Continue Reading →

The Solution for Standard

What's good sodium lovers? Man who knew my last blog was going to generate so much discussion!? If I'm being brutally honest I was feeling some salt being thrown my way and I loved it. Now, it would be unfair of me to make a post calling out the issues with something and not provide... Continue Reading →

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