Standard PPTQ

Heyo saltines! I hope everyone is well! Christmas is less than a month away, and ultimate masters is looking to be the the ultimate Christmas gift. MTG Goldfish dropped an article on the EV, or expected value, of said box and it looks to be incredibly high. I may possibly get my mitts on a... Continue Reading →

Canadian Nationals

Oh hey there saltines how is everyone doing? I hope all is well with everyone and that everyone celebrated living in the greatest country on earth! Can I get an eh-men? HA! I'm hilarious. BUT ENOUGH BAD JOKES! This past weekend I attended the Canadian National event in the grand city of Toronto. I traveled... Continue Reading →

Dominaria Store Championship

Hello once again saltines and saltettes! I hope all is well! I know I have been away for a while, and I do apologize! I picked up a second job and unfortunately it takes up the Fridays that I would normally have off. That being said, I will still post random stuff as often as... Continue Reading →

Event Report; PPTQ Minneapolis

What's cracking saltines? I hope y'all are doing well, I know I am! This past weekend I traveled up to North of Exile Games, to participate in their standard PPTQ. I decided to invest in one of Wizard's of the Coast's new Challenge Decks, and it really wasn't a tough call. I picked up a... Continue Reading →

Grand Prix Toronto 2018

Hey there saltines how goes? I know I know, been too long since my last post, but what can I say, life happens. GP HYPE! This is going to be a long one, so strap yourselves in! The Day Before So I arose Friday morning and gathered my belongings. I hopped in the car and... Continue Reading →

GP Toronto

What's happening saltines? So this past weekend yours truly took the extraordinarily long trek, of two hours, to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to participate in Grand Prix Toronto's main sealed event. Saturday and the Main Straight out of the gate we are getting right into the sweet stuff. I entered the main event and decided to... Continue Reading →

Hour of Devastation Prerelease

The hour of the God-Pharaoh is upon us, and with it comes some sweet new cards for us to play with! Make Amonkhet Great Again! As some of you may know I was unable to attend the Hour of Devastation Prerelease at my LGS Jack's on Queen, as I was out of the country for... Continue Reading →

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