FNM Report; August 12th 2017 & 10 Millionth Event

What's happening saltines? It has been a few weeks since my last FNM as work has gotten in the way. I once again traveled to Jack's on Queen in Elmvale, Ontario to participate in their standard event. After the supremely powerful showing of Ramunap Red decks at Pro Tour I decided to take standard's "best deck"... Continue Reading →


GP Toronto

What's happening saltines? So this past weekend yours truly took the extraordinarily long trek, of two hours, to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to participate in Grand Prix Toronto's main sealed event. Saturday and the Main Straight out of the gate we are getting right into the sweet stuff. I entered the main event and decided to... Continue Reading →

Hour of Devastation Prerelease

The hour of the God-Pharaoh is upon us, and with it comes some sweet new cards for us to play with! Make Amonkhet Great Again! As some of you may know I was unable to attend the Hour of Devastation Prerelease at my LGS Jack's on Queen, as I was out of the country for... Continue Reading →

Face to Face Modern Open

Oi! How's it going salters and saltettes? It's been a wee while since we last spoke. With school picking back up and working two jobs, the blogs are going to be few and far between, but I will attempt to jam as much content in as possible. Friday January 6th 2017 FNM So last night... Continue Reading →

Grand Prix Trial San Jose

What's up you salty buggers? Long time no talk to. This past Saturday, December 3rd, Jack's on Queen hosted a modern Grand Prix Trial for Grand Prix San Jose. Nine of the finest modern players I have had the pleasure of knowing showed up to duke it out for the two round byes at the... Continue Reading →

Eldritch Moon Midnight Prerelease

Something salty this way comes my friends! Eldritch Moon Prerelease is upon us, and with it comes tons of new cards for us to brew with, compete with, and most of all, have fun with. I attended the midnight launch of Eldritch Moon at my LGS Jack's on Queen. Below I have a link to... Continue Reading →

Grand Prix Toronto

Heya Saltlings! How is everyone doing? This past weekend was Grand Prix Toronto hosted by Face to Face games. The event was held at the Enercare Center located on the EX grounds near the Toronto lake shore. Without further ado, let's get it underway! Friday Friday, my local level 2 judge and friend Jason Malott... Continue Reading →

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